Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

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           In this page the details of the SSR sent to the NAAC IN 2011, NAAC Peer Team Report, NAAC accreditation Letter, AQAR-2014-15, ACCREDITATION report with score, accreditation information as depicted in the NAAC website are Report submitted to NAAC for the first time Accreditation and the Result Reports are given below:



            NAAC Report 2011 of SCSVMV                                        Pdf

            NAAC Peer Team Report                                                  PDF

            NAAC Acrediation Letter                                                  Pdf


            Accrediation Information with score                             PDF

            Accrediation Information as in NAAC Website            JPG


            AQAR 2014 - Pdf

            AQAR 2015 - Pdf