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Paper Presentation

The human race is distinguished by its unique ability to translate ideas into tangible innovations. In this regard APOGEE'17 is an initiative
to collate ideas with the dynamics of youth.This event provides students a platform to actualize ideas that can Participants are free to
define problem statements of their own and document them as long as they are connected to the enlisted topics.solve real world problems.

Participants are adviced to make a powerpoint presentation with textual and pictorial description to explain the content effectively.
There is no specific limit for slides. However, lenghty presentations are not encouraged.


  • Related to Electronics and Communication.


  • Soft copy of the presentation should be attached to the mail.
  • For online registration soft copy must be mailed to apogees2k17@gmail.com.
  • After registration an acknowledgemet will be sent to the registered candidates within 3 working days.
  • Maximum 2 members per team.


  • apogee2k17@gmail.com
Last date for submission : 30th Jan'17
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