Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya is situated in a sprawling campus of 83 acres of land consists of Administrative Block, Engineering and Management Block, Education and IT Block, International library, Student amenity center, a number of workshops and labs, four hostels and three play grounds, indoor court for shuttle badminton and table tennis and gym facilities. More than 1553.83 Sq.m. of built in area is allocated for School of Education in the second floor of Education and IT Block.


This Multipurpose Hall (54.6 x 21.10=1152.06) of School of Education has a seating capacity of 150 students. This hall is being used for conduct of assembly and prayer every day. Further, it is also used for conduct of seminars, workshops, co-curricular activities, conduct of guest lectures and general lectures etc.

There are four classrooms (32.10 x 22.5=722.25) in the School of Education to conduct classes. Each classroom can accommodate minimum of 60 students comfortably.

A separate chamber (27.8 x 22.3 = 619.94) is built for the Head/Principal of School of Education with all facilities including computer and Internet

A separate room (6X22.03 = 133.8) for keeping all the important files documents and records is available inside the Deans Chamber with a wash basin.

Initially there were two staff rooms (11.5 x 21.5 = 247.25). One is for male teacher educators and the other is allocated for female teacher educators. All staff members were given comfortable chairs, tables, computers and almarahs to keep the assignments, records, lesson plans of the student teachers. Currently each staff member is in-charge of one lab or the other and is sitting in those labs working and preparing independently.

There is a separate office room (10 x 22.5 = 225) with computer and printer facility. It is equipped with all necessary furniture and equipment.

One room (21 x 21.10 = 443.10) in the SOE is spared for Departmental library. This library was established in August 2008. All staff members have the provision to study in the library room itself but students have to borrow the books and have to read in the multipurpose Hall.

There are 10 grounds in the campus. There is a cricket ground, volleyball court, basketball court, and throw ball court for women students. There is an indoor stadium where there are facilities to play shuttle badminton and table tennis. Two gyms were established in two hostels situated in the campus

At present six laboratories were established in the School of Education. They are Psychology Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Educational Technology Laboratory and Science Laboratory and Mathematics Laboratory and Social Studies Laboratory. A workshop is to be established.

Psychology Laboratory (21X21.5 = 451.5)was established in the SOE and minimum necessary equipment worth of Rs.46, 000 is procured to conduct practicals for the student teachers of B.Ed. Total number of items purchased are 39. An indent was raised worth of Rs1, 10,000 to purchase some more items for the lab in this academic year.

There is a computer laboratory (32.10 X 22.5 = 722.25) with 20 computers connected by LAN and supported by UPS. Computer training and practical examination in computers is mandatory for all the student teachers. They have to submit a record on the works done by them in the computer lab. Each student teacher has to prepare a CD where he/she has to prepare a power point presentation on any of the topics taken from the secondary school syllabus. Software, CDs, some more computers of higher configuration is to be procured. We also provide training to all the students in using computers for teaching and learning.

Educational Technology Lab (21.7 X 21.10 = 457.87) is located in the first floor. We have procured all the modern equipment necessary for this laboratory such as LCD projector with screen, overhead projector with transparencies of all the subjects, one handy cam (Camcorder) to record the micro-teaching and practice teaching lessons taught by the students teachers, Digital Camera, 29 Television with DVD Player and all the necessary CDs. Indents are raised for other items and we are going to procure some more items in this academic year. A language laboratory was also established in the MCA laboratory

A fully equipped Science laboratory ( 27.2 X 22.5 = 621) which consists of equipment and teaching aids of both Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences was established in the School of Education. There are 357 items worth of Rs1, 55,729 apparatus, equipment, specimens etc are procured for Biological Science lab and Rs.57,336 worth of 305 items were procured for Physical science laboratory. The total worth of Science Lab is Rs.2, 13,065. School level experiments will be conducted in this laboratory. Apart from this, there is a fully equipped Physics and Chemistry laboratories in the Science and Humanities Block. We share the laboratory facilities as and when required.

There is a separate laboratory for Social studies (20.11 X 21.10 = 424.321) in the School of Education. A numbers of maps, globes, 3-D models of various dams, transparencies, working models etc, (183 items) worth of Rs.72,953 have been procured so far. All student teachers of History methodology will be exposed to all the items in the lab and will make use of the laboratory to the fullest extent.

Mathematics laboratory (21 X 21.10 = 443) is also established in the school of Education and various items such as models, charts, different shapes, geometry boxes etc, worth of Rs.7,010 were procured.
At present there are four hostels functioning in the University of which two for men and two for women. All these four hostels can accommodate about 1200 students. Two more hostels are under construction and can accommodate about 600 students

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