The Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Viswa Mahavidyalaya celebrated their annual fest BIOS 2K17 on March 16th and 17th. The event witnessed students participating in various technical and non-technical contests. Organized by the graduating class of 2017, it was a platform celebrating technology, innovation, leadership, teamwork and dedication of the students.

BIOS - Brilliant Ideas of Students is the milestone of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Mahavidyalaya. BIOS is a fusion of the power of innovation and the power of technology. It is a forum to that helps ignite the passion for innovation and technology among the youth –a platform to collaborate, connect, contest, create and compute. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering enables students to give vent to their intellectual and scientific pursuits and create in them a greater interest, awareness and provide them with exposure to the latest happenings of the IT world.


BIOS 2k17 started with the Inaugural ceremony presided over by Mr.Anbuthambi Bhojarajan, Vice President,ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu, Vice-Chancellor. Prof. Dr.V.S. Vishnu Potty, Prof. DR. G.Sriram, Dean Faculty of Engg& Technology of the University. The mentors and faculty Prof.Dr.S.Rajalakshmi and Dr.R. Vasanth Kumar Mehta spoke about the initiation of BIOS and the spirit of CSE department which is to club learning with fun and interaction. Prof.Dr. V.S. Vishnu Potty and Prof. Dr. G. Sriram gave their insights and thoughts about BIOS and how they’ve been witnessing the fest since its initiation. Both the dignitaries were pleased with the proceedings each year and gave the student body their best wishes for the 14th edition. The Chief Guest spoke at length about the power of innovation and inspired us to do our best. He also directed the students towards the path they should be putting their efforts into and how ideas transform into technical revolutions.

The Student President Mr.D.K. Praneeth Kumar gave an introduction to the 14th edition of BIOS. Student Coordinator Mr. P.Hemanth Kumar introduced the Chief Guest.

The session concluded with vote of thanks by BIOS Coordinator Dr.M.Senthil Kumaran.

It was followed by events:

1.Paper Presentation:

Students came out enthusiastically to present papers on various topics including Big Data Analytics, Cloud computing and Neural networks. A paper on “Centralized automatic detection of driving under the influence of alcohol” was given the best paper award.

2. K-Corner

Students gave presentations on recent innovations in the field of Computer Science in the following areas:
• Fake review detection using Artificial intelligence
• Open Source networking
• Areas in which IOT could be implemented
• Image processing using Labview

3. Adzap

Advertising without exaggeration was the rule of Adzap. Students were given products to advertise and they came out with new and hilarious ideas.

4. Code Corner

Most of the real world problems can be solved by just sitting on a computer through the art of coding. Students showcased their coding skills and provided solutions to the posed problems.

5. Technical Quiz

A quiz is a fun and fast way to examine knowledge. The technical quiz was a timed MCQ model pushing the students to recollect as much as possible in the given time.

6. Mock CID

Students played on the lines on the popular show CID to find a hidden treasure. It was a thrilling event where the team that understands the clues and solves the mystery wins!

7. Marshmallow Challenge

Students had to build the tallest structures using marshmallows and spaghetti sticks. This was where the architects in them had been ushered to rise. The winning team had built a model of the Eiffel Tower, a miniature one though!

8. Mock Parliament

Students were divided into ruling and opposition parties and enacted the Indian Parliament on the topic: Whistle-blowers Protection Bill. It was a powerful 50 minute session with both sides making valid points resting on the values of democracy.

Day 1 was thus concluded .


Morning Session:

Day-2 kicked off with the following events:

1. Mock Interview

Students were given real life experience about how interviews take place. This event gave them an insight on the areas that they’re tested upon in a technical interview. The students faced the judge with grit and proved that they are ready to take on challenges in the IT industry.

2. Technical Debate

Innovation is both a boon and a bane. Students argued on the merits and demerits of the following topics:
• Manned space travel worth the cost?
• Google is killing creativity and ability to think.
• Country’s talents are being outsourced at a cheaper price.
• Functionality of video games

3. Non-Tech Quiz

It was a fun round of question-answering on general topics. Students were given 20 questions with a time limit.

4. Psycode

Code that is written but not tested Schrodinger nature. Debugging is as important as the writing of code. Students were given code to make it error free and run successfully.

5. Spot Photography

Students presented their perspective through a lens and reiterated the fact that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. They made common objects look so pleasing in their pictures.

6. Beg, Borrow or Steal Students were given lists of items to be collected. The fastest team won.

Afternoon Session:

Valedictory Function:

Presided by honourable Registrar Prof. Dr. G. Srinivasu who appreciated the variety of events. The Department initiated the best student awards in the 14th edition of BIOS in the following categories:

• Academic excellence and Research
• Social activities
• Extra-curricular activities
• Overall performance

Prizes were given away to the winners and runners of the events conducted throughout the fest.

Students who gave exemplary performances in Spardhaa, the annual sports event presented the trophies in cricket,volleyball, badminton and athletics to the HOD Dr.Vasanth Kumar Mehta and received their medals and certificates of excellence.


It started with an audio visual of the department which recorded the hard work and dedication of the students towards making this a successful journey. It was received with cheers and loud applause.
Students had given energetic and thrilling performances in dances, songs and Mime. There were 20 slots spanning over two and a half hours with the participants entirely belonging to the CSE Department . It was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.
The session concluded with a video of final years tracing their journey of four years and the fond memories they made together. They had group photographs taken with the faculty.
Overall BIOS 2K17 was a feast to the eyes. It was an immaculately organized event of the Mahavidyalaya that saw spirited participation. The student body is eagerly awaiting the next edition.