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Her Area of Interest lies in Database Management systems Object and Image Processing Augmented and Virtual Reality Multimedia Database domain.


Elective I(E-Commerce)
Object Oriented System Analysis & Design
Object Oriented Programming using C++
Advanced C++ Lab
Database Management System
Advanced Database Management System
Software Engineering
Computer Networks
Software Agents
Enterprise Resource Planning
Project work
Design and analysis of Algorithm
Management information system



1) Maintaining a Directed Path in Acyclic Distributed Path Computation NCRTIES - 2011 Aksheyaa College of Engineering , Puludivakkam ,Madhurathakam,Department of Computer Science and Engg


1) Marker based AR Application in Education, Teaching and Learning in International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET) ISSN: 2321-9653 June -Sep Volume 4, Issue VIII, August 2016.
2) HCI DEVICE FOR DISABLED PEOPLE GE‎-‎International Journal of Engineering Research‎ 01.05.2016 Vol‎. ‎4‎, ‎Issue ‎5‎, ‎May ‎2016
3) DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A TIME EFFICIENT IMAGE DENOISING ALGORITHM ‎FOR REAL TIME SYSTEMS‎ GE‎-‎International Journal of Engineering Research‎ Jan to Mar Vol ‎4 ‎Issue ‎3 ‎March ‎2016‎
4) E‎-‎RATION SMART CARD FOR DISABLED ‎PEOPLE‎ International Journal of Advanced ‎Research in Computer Engineering ‎& ‎Technology‎ June Volume‎.-6‎ ‎Issue‎-6‎, June‎-‎2017‎, ‎pp‎‎936‎-940‎.


Seminar 5
Workshop 7
FDPs 3
Orientation Course 2
National Summit 1
Refrsher Course 1
Training 1

Acted as Resource Person in “National Seminar on AR and VR ” on 3rd Feb 2016 ,organized by Dept., of CSE, SCSVMV