Benchmark and LAN Trainer Kit


The Central library of the University has text books and reference books for the use of students and staff. Apart from the central library, department library is also maintained which serves as a handy reference for academic and research purposes for staff and students alike. Budget allocations are made in yearly budget for procuring text books as well as research monographs, handbooks etc. The Details of the books available is as follows.
Number of books available in the department library: 987
Total number of Title related to Computer science available in the central library=1904
Total number of books related to Computer science available in the central library=4594
Number of National journals (hard copy) in the central library: 2
Number of International journals (hard copy)in the central library: 5
Number of Magazines (hard copy) in the central library: 7
Total No of CD’s Available : 2047 (All Department)
Department Library Details
Total no of Books available : 987
Total No of CD’s available : 108


Information relating to availability of infrastructure and physical assets (Download PDF)
Total Area of the Department : 885 sqm
Total Lab area of the Department : 355 sqm
Well equipped class rooms
Modern Teaching aids like (over head projector) OHP, LCD projector, white board & audio systems.
Departmental Library, housing text & reference books as per latest syllabus requirements.
Computing & printing facility
Computer Lab facility


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Teaching Aid

The Teaching Aids used in the department for Cognitive (telling), Affective (Feeling) and Psychomotor (Doing) learning are Chalkboard, Handouts, Overhead Projectors, LCD, CDs and Computer Animations
The department possesses audio visual aids like LCD projector with real time camera, OHP and internet facilities in the department contribute effectively in teaching and tutoring the students.
The details of the teaching aids are as follows

S.No Description of Asset No. Of Units
1 Interactive white Board 1
2 LCD Projector 8
3 Video streaming Facility for two way remote interactive teaching learning process 1