Courses Offered


About BE (ECE) – Regular & Part time

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other second. From mobile phones to fiber optics and remote sensing, there are exciting avenues to explore and create. The ECE department at SCSVMV University prepares students for careers in this constantly evolving discipline.

The SCSVMV University offers a Regular course in BE (ECE) spanning eight semesters. And B.E (ECE) as Part Time Spanning seven semesters.Students pursuing B.E. in ECE have a full and flexible undergraduate curriculum. Numerous streams can be tailored to fit every individual's interests, skills and career goals. Students can prepare for technological careers in industry, academia or management.


About ME (ECE)-Part time

The SCSVMV University offers a unique part time course in ME (ECE) spanning six semesters, the course being a judicious blend from the two streams, viz., Applied electronics and communication engineering. There has been a prevalent trend in many academic spheres to offer ME in either of two designated domains, viz., either Applied Electronics or Communication Systems. There has been a further trend to delve deeper into one of the streams and offer specializations such as VLSI, Embedded Systems, and Robotics etc. While this is one approach of peak specialization which positions the post graduate engineer to specific industry segments, the University plans to provide ‘the best of two worlds’ by offering the essence of both streams and positioning the candidate to the entire spectrum of opportunities.

Courses Offered

BE- Electronics and Comunication(Regular)
BE- Electronics and Comunication(Part Time)
ME- Electronics and Comunication(Part Time)
ME- Embedded System Technologies (Regular - Part Time)
ME- VLSI Design(Regular - Part Time)
M.Tech ( EDT ) Jointly with NIELIT chennai - CDAC Hyderabad

The Department offers undergraduate,postgraduate and research level courses with the aim of providing a sound background in the areas of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Admission Process

A newly admitted student will automatically be registered for all the courses prescribed for the first year, without any option.

Every other student shall submit a completed registration form indicating the list of courses intended to be credited during the next semester. This registration will be done a week before the last working day of the current semester. Late registration with the approval of the dean on the recommendation of the head of the department along with a late fee will be done, up to the last working day.

Registration for the project work shall be done only for the final semester.