List of Mphil Completed

S.No. Register No. Name of the Candiadte Research Supervisor Title Year of Completion
1 111485002 A. Anbumani Mr. T. Pushpanathan English Language Needs of Prospective Teachers in Thiruvannamalai District 2016
2 111485004 B. Deepa Mr. T. Pushpanathan Impact of Extensive Reading in Enhancing Reading Comprehension of Secondary School Students 2016
3 111485008 R. Ezhilarasi Mrs. A. Mathini Feminism in the Poem of Euunice De Souza and Judith Wright - A Study in Comparison 2016
4 111485015 G. Lakshmanan Mrs. A. Mathini The Views of Day-to-Day Realities and Middle Class Issues in Amit Chaudhuri's Selected Novels 2016
5 111485019 E. Mohan Mrs. P. Bindhu Portrayal of Indelible Issues in Mulk Raj Anand's Untouchable and Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things 2016
6 111485020 S. Mohanambal Mrs. P. Bindhu Women Psyche in the Selct Novels of Anita Desai 2016
7 111485023 B.S.Priya Mrs. P. Bindhu Suppression and Desolation of Children in Mulk Raj Anand's Coolie and Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist 2016
8 111485024 S. Raja Mrs. K. Kamalaveni Kushwant Singh and Chaman Nahal as Partition Narrators 2016
9 111485026 B.Ramya Mrs. A. Mathini The Relevamce of Eugene O'Neill's Plays The hairy Ape and The Emperor Jones to Modern Life 2016
10 111485035 S. Theepanjan Mrs. K. Kamalaveni Train  to Pakistan and A Bend in the Ganges as Partition Narratives 2016

List of Ph.D. Completed

S.No Name of the Candidate Research Supervisor Title of the Thesis Year of Completion
1 R.Gowrishankar Dr.P. Palanivel Computer as an effective Teaching –Aid to teach English for B.E Students 2004
2 S.M. Shanthi Dr.Padma Srinivasan “Saga of Seven mothers” Satisaptakam - A study of Eternal Feminine 2012
3 V. Shantha Dr.Padma Srinivasan A Study of the Selected Works of Shakespeare in the Light of Sri Ramanuja’s Philosophy 2013
4 R. Subramony Dr.Padma Srinivasan A Comparative Study of a few Selected Works of Sri Aurobindo and of Thilhard De Chardin 2014
5 K. Lavanya Dr.M. Muralidharan Critical Analysis of Women Characters in Four Major Tragedies of Shakespeare 2014
6 G. Egambaram Dr.K.Sivajothi Feminism, Identity Crisis, Diasporic Imagination, Post-modernism and Narrative Techniques in the novels of Bharati Mukarjee. 2016
7 J. Ranjithkumar Dr.K.Sivajothi Feminism, Symbolism, East and West Encounter and Narrative Techniques in the Novels of Kamala Markandaya 2016