Date of Colloquium Topic Lecture Delivered by
25/11/2016 Emotional Intelligence on Stress Management Dr T Thirumaleswari
18/11/2016 Peace of life for work life balance Dr K Latha
11/11/2016 Critical Ratio and its relevance Dr B Balaji Srinivasan
4/11/2016 Dimension of wellness Dr A Vanitha
21/10/2016 Experience sharing in Book Publishing Mrs J Santhi
30th September 2016 Decision Tree approach in Excel Dr R Jayaraman
7th October 2016    
23rd September 2016 Factor analysis & AMOS Dr M S Ramaratnam
15th April 2016 Application of Factors analysis and its significations Dr M S Ramaratnam
18th March 2016 Preparation of Working papers in Social sciences Dr V Ramanathan
10th March 2016 Case Study Methodology Dr.K.Latha
26th February 2016 Level of Significance – Estimation and Fixation in Social Science Research Dr.B.Balaji Srinivasan
10th April 2015 The Outcome of HR related Researches and its Implications on Individual, Economy and Social Dimensions Smt.T.Thirumaleswari
27th March 2015 Research Dimensions in HR Practices- Trends & Limitations Dr.A.Vanitha
12th March 2015 Technology Gradient – A Measuring Tool for Technology Advancement Index Dr.B.Balaji Srinivasan
6th March 2015 Scope for Experimental Research in Business Science – Need for Teaching Class Rooms with the focus of Experimental system and experiential sharing Dr.V.Ramanathan
27th February 2015 Application of EXCEL as statistical tool in the functional area of Management and Social Science Research Sri. R.Jayaraman
  Scenario Analysis using MS-EXCEL – PART II  
20th February 2015 Scenario Analysis using MS-EXCEL – PART I Sri. R.Jayaraman
13th February 2015 Review on the Conclave organized by CII towards “ Management Education in the context of VUCA” Dr.K.Latha
6th February 2015 Application of Multi Variable Analysis in Social Sciences Sri.M.S.Ramaratnam