Department of Mathematics

Congragulations to the Toppers in B.Sc MAthematics and M.Sc Mathematics in the examination held on Dec 2016

Upcoming Events

Department of mathematics organizes WORLD MATHEMATICS DAY CELEBRATIONS on 20 FEB 2017

Department of mathematics organizes National Seminar on Emerging trend in pure and applied mathematics 24 FEB 2017

Department of mathematics organizes Workshop on MATLAB for Researchers 12 FEB 2017 - Report---Gallery

Vision & Mission

We envision our status to be a unique department of higher learning that offers quality education at an affordable cost in an inclusive manner, in the post-graduate and research level while imparting training in mathematical software and Mathematical aptitude from time to time, to the Engineering students as well, thus helping the students to be up to date and job-worthy.

We hope to achieve this by

Producing quality mathematical research; providing teaching and extension services; upgrading the curriculum continuously; producing facilities for faculty development; and helping the development of mathematics faculty of other Higher Educational Institutions by short term training programs, workshops seminars and lectures..

Making Engineers develop mathematical thinking and gain the skill for applying it to solve complex engineering problems, so as to design mathematical models for complicated systems involving global level technology.

Providing high quality graduate and professional programs of study with a wide spectrum of courses which attract the best students and cater to the mathematical needs of the University, industry and community alike.

Offering the students rigorous training so as to enable them to pursue higher studies or take up jobs that require a high degree of mathematical skill.

Involving graduates who have logical thinking and aptitude for scientific research in frontier areas of mathematics and offering guidance up to doctoral level so as to support its own and other academic programmes of the university.

Striving to provide excellent teaching, research in order to serve university and the community at large by enabling application of mathematics to other disciplines for which mathematical background is essential.

Creating interest in mathematical logic, problem solving and application of mathematics to real-life problems through the activities of the Mathematics Club (Sankara Ganitha Sastra Parishad).


Contact Person and Address

Dr. Konda Srinivasa Rao
Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Mathematics
SCSVMV University
Phone: 044-27264301, Ext:231