Automobile and heat power Engineering Lab
Infrared 5 Gas Analyser---Multi Cylinder Morse Test Petrol Engine---Say Bolt and Redwood Viscometer---Solid,Liquid and Gaseous Fuel Calorimeter---Variety of Automobile Components Cut Section Models---Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Test, Test Rig---Cooling Tower Test Rig

Basic Workshop ( Fitting & Carpentry)
24 Fitting Work Table---24 Fitting Work Table---24 Carpentry work Table---Vertical Drilling Machine---Bandsaw Cutting Machine---Shear Cutting Machine---Wood Planner Machine---Wood Cutting Machine---Bench Grinding Machine

2 HP Proliant Server---20 HP Work Station---19 HCL Work Station---Licensed AutoCad -2D Modelling Softwares---Licensed Inventor-3D Modelling Softwares---Licensed CATIA-3D Modelling Softwares---Licensed CREO Elements/Pro 3D Modelling Software---Licensed ANSYS-FEA Softwares

Jyoti 2 Axis Turning Center---MTAB XLTURN---SIEMENS Sinumeric Controller Trainer---1 IBM Server---10 HP Work Station---10 HCL Work Station---Licensed EdgeCam Softwares---CNC Tutor - Funuc Turning Software---CNC Tutor - Funuc Milling Software

Energy and Environmental Lab
Solar Flat Plate Collector---Solar Concentric Plat Collector---Solar Pond---Fuel Cell Test Rig---Exhaust Gas Analyser---Bio-Gas Fuel Engine---Noise Testing

Instrumentation and Dynamics Lab
Dynamic Balancing Machine---Universal Governor Apparatus---Cam Analysis Apparatus---Journal Bearing Apparatus---Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Calibration Tester---Vibration Lab Setup---Piezoelectric Accelerator and Vibrometer---Lathe and Drilling Tool Dynamometer

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery lab
Wind Tunnel Test Rig---Bernoullis Apparatus----Orifice and Venturimeter---Nozzle Apparatus---Notches Apparatus---Flow through Pipes Apparatus---Buoyancy Equipment---Reciprocating Pump Test Rig---Centrifugal Pump Test Rig---Gear Pump Test Rig---Jet Pump Test Rig---Submersible Pump Test Rig---Francis Turbine Test Rig---kaplan Turbine Test Rig---Pelton wheel Turbine Test Rig

Heat transfer Labe
Thermal Conducting of Insulating Powder Apparatus---Heat Transfer through Composite Wall Apparatus---Heat Transfer in Forced and Natural Convection Apparatus---Heat Transfer from Pin Fin Apparatus---Parallel Flow / Counter Flow Heat Exchanger---Stefan Boltzman Apparatus---Thermal Conductivity of Metal Bar---EmissivityMeasurement Apparatus---Shell and tube Heat exchanger---Water Cooling Tower Test Rig

Special Machines Lab
Universal Milling Machine---Gear Hobber---Capstan Lathe---All Gear Lathe---Heavy Duty Lathe---Shaping Machine---Slotting Machine---Center less Grinder---Cylindrical Grinder---Surface Grinder---Tool & Cutter Grinder---Radial Drilling Machine

Manufacturing lab
Mini Cupola Furnace---Crucible Furnace---Sand Muller---Universal sand Strength machine---MIG Welding---TIG Welding---Arc Welding---GAS Welding

Mechatronics Lab
ARISTO 6XT ROBOT---Multi Process Stabilizer ---LSM Controller & PLC---Electro Pneumatic Kit---Hydraulic Trainer kit---Robo X Software---H Simulator Software---P Simulator Software---Simens Logo PLC Software---Lab view software

Metallurgy Lab
Heat Treatment Furnace---Disc Polishing Machine---Jominy End quench Apparatus---Metatlograph Specimen Mounting Press---Metallurgical Microscope with Microphotography

Metrology Lab
Autocollimator---Mitutoyo surface roughness tester---Mitutoyo Screw Thread Micrometer---Mitutoyo slip Gauges ---Mitutoyo Vernier Height Gauge ---Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer ---Mitutoyo Digital Comparator---Tool Makers Microscope ---Profile Projector

Strength of Materials Lab
Universal Testing Machine---Impact Testing Machine---Tensile Testing Machine---Spring Testing Machine---Wood Testing Machine---Brinell Hardness Tester---Vickers Hardness testing Machine---Fatigue Testing Machine ---Rockwell Hardness Tester

Thermal Engineering Lab
Computer based diesel engine setup---Multi cylinder Diesel Engine test rig with Electric Dynamometer---Multi Cylinder 4 Stroke 4 cylinder Petrol Engine---Centrifugal Air Blower---Air Compressor ---Diesel Engine ---Refrigeration Trainer---Air Conditioning Trainer ---AVL 5 Gas analyzer