Online Fee payment for the academic year 2019 - 20 (ODD Semester) - [For Newly admitted students Only]

Transport Fee Payment


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Bus Stand, Kanchi Mutt, Pookkadi chathiram

Walajabad ROUTE

Walajabad - Rs.6,000/-
Rajampettai & Iyampettai - Rs.5,000/-
Tollgate - Rs.4500/-
Perumal Kovil - Rs.4500/-
Chettistreet - Rs.4500/-
New Police Station - Rs.4500/-
Old Police Station - Rs.4500/-
Vengudi - Rs.4500/-
Rangaswamy Kulam - Rs.4500/-
Keerai Mandabam - Rs.4500/-
Mongil Mandabam - Rs.4500/-

Thiruthani ROUTE

Thiruthani - Thanigai Pollur - Rs.8,000/-
Vaniyam Pettai - Rs.7,900/-
Arakkonam Bus stand & S.R Gate - Rs.7,800/-
Thakkolam Koot Road - Rs.7,700/-
Pallur - Rs.6,000/-
Kooram Gate - Rs.5,500/-
Vellai Gate - Rs.5,000/-

Vellore Route

Vellore - Rs.12,000/-
Rathnagiri- Rs.11,500/-
(Above routes will be operated based on the strength of the students)
Vishar & Bhel - Rs.11,250/-
Arcot - Rs.10,000/-
Ranipet,Muthukkadai - Rs.9,500/-
Walaja Tollgate - Rs.9,000/-
Kaveripakkam - Rs.8,500/-
Ocheri - Rs.8,400/-
Panapakkam - Rs.7,000/-
Dhamal - Rs.6,500/-
Baluchetti Chathram - Rs.6,000/-
Kilambi - Rs.5,000/-
Sirukaveripakkam - Rs.4,500/-

Uthiramerur Route

Uthiramerur & Thiruppulivanam- Rs.7,000/-
Karuveppampoondi koot road, vengacheri - Rs.6,900/-
Magaral - Rs.6,800/-
Aarpakkam Kalakkattur- Rs.6,750/-
Orrikkai, Keerai Mandapam - Rs.4,500/-

Poonamalli Route

Poonamalle & Nasarathpettai- Rs.12,000/-
Thandalam & Irungattu kottai - Rs.11,500/-
(Above routes will be operated based on the strength of the students)
Sriprembudur Tollgate- Rs.11,250/-
Sriprembudur Bus Stand- Rs.10,000/-
Mambakkam,S.V.Chatram - Rs.8,000/-
Pillaichatram - Rs.7,250/-
Chinnaiyan Chatram - Rs.7,000/-

Vandavasi Route

Vandavasi- Rs.8,000/-
Echur - Rs.7,500/-
Purisai- Rs.6,700/-
Cheyyar- Rs.5,500/-
Mangal Kootroad Mamandur- Rs.5,000/-
Dusi & Iyankarkulam Koot road - Rs.4,750/-
Sevillimedu & Collectorate & Moongilmandabam- Rs.4,500/-