The Department of Physics started in 1994 serves with the dynamic mission to achieve excellence in both academic and research perspectives. The department offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programmes (B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D). The department also supports I year B.E/B.Tech. & other Science courses. The current areas of research are Spectroscopy, Crystal growth, Thin films, Ultrasonics and Nano technology. Nearly 150 M.Phil. Scholars and 17 Ph.D. scholars have been produced from the department.

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Ph.D Awarded for the year 2017

Name of The Candidate Name of the guide Title of The Thesis Date of Viva-Voce
Mr.R.Raja Dr.S.Seshadri Growth,Spectroscopic and Non-linear Optical Analysis on same Organic and Doped crystals 17.2.2017
Ms.N.S.Subha shree Dr.K.Venkatramanan Molecular Intraction Studies of Same Industrially Impartant Liquids and Liquid Mixtures 23.08.2017
Ms.B.Latha Dr.S.Gunasekaran Molecular Dynamics of Same Pharmacentical Materials Used for Hypertension 26.10.2017
Mr.V.Ragavenderan Dr.S.Muthu Natesan Density Functional Theory Studies and Vibrational Spectroscopic Investigations of Same Polyatomic Molecues 08.11.2017
 Dr.S.Seshadri  Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectroscopic Analysis In Pharmaceutical Science and its Importance 31.01.2008
 Dr.S.Kumaresan Dr.S.Gunasekaran  Vibrational Spectral Studies on Some Anticance Rows Drugs 26.06.2009
 Dr.K.Venkatramanan Dr.V.Arumugam  Viscosity And Ultrasonic Studies on Polypropylene Glycol,Poly Ethylene Glycol and Their Blends. 09.09.2010
Dr.S.Balakrishnan Dr.R.Palani Ultrasonics Studies on molecular interactions of three component systems of electrolytes and non -electrolytes 27.12.2011
Dr.S.Kalavathy  Dr.R.Palani Physico –Chemical and Ultrasonic Studies on Molecular Interactions in Ternary Mixtures of Liquids and Biomolecules 02.02.2012
Dr.G.Anand Dr.S.Gunasekaran Investigation on the Growth and Characterization of some semi organic non linear Optical Crystals 09.04.2012
Dr.A.Rajalkshmi Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectral Analysis of Veterinary Vaccines on Animals 17.09.2012
Dr.A.Bright Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectrometric Analysis on Some Pharmaceutical and Biological Materials 12.12.2012
 Dr.A,Christy Ferdinand  Dr.D.Manikandan Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Nanoclusters in Dielectric Matrix 26.04.2013
Dr.J.Uma Maheswari Dr.S.Muthu Density Functional Theory Solutions and Vibrational Spectral Investigation of Certain Pharmaceutically Important Molecules 29-09-2014
Dr.T.Gnanasambandan Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Pharmaceutical Materials 10/10/2014
Dr.K.Rajalakshmi  Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectroscopic and Molecular Structural Investigations on Antibiotic and Antituberculosis Formulations 19-11-2014
Dr. N. Swarnalatha Dr. S. Gunasekaran Spectroscopic Investigation and Quantum Chemical Calculations on some Hypertension and Psoriasis Pharmaceutical formulations 20-07-2016

PhD Doing Scholars List

Name Topic Year of Registration
D.Vijayalakshmi Application of Graph Theoretical Concepts in Protein Analyses 2013
R.Mageswari Study of Protein characteristics using Graph Theoretical techniques and Contact Maps 2013
V.K.Radhakrishnan Development of Optimal Network Model for Tourism and Queuing Management in Temples – with case studies on Kanchipuram 2013