Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Center For Advanced Research - SJCAR

The idea of the Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Centre For Advanced Research, SJCAR for short , was conceived with a view to capitalizing on the mature infrastructure of equipment and expertise that has been established in the University. The Centre channelizes these resources towards the realization of products that will aid industry and achieve the twin goal of moving towards excellence in the academic standards of the university.

The Centre has its mandate to prospect for projects of significance in economic and industrial development from agencies funding mission oriented research.

Projects Submitted to Government Funding agencies:
1. Design of an Indigenous Differential Scanning Calorimeter at a cost affordable to Educational Institutions.
2. Dual Emission-Absorption Spectrophotometer
3. Intelligent Energy Audit system backed by IR profiling
4. Remote Controlled Robot For diffusing of Explosive Devices.
The Centre has formed tie-ups with Industry Partners for the development and propogation of these products.

The Centre has brought out a book titled “Analytical Instrumentation for Engineers” , covering the Instrumentation aspects involved in sophisticated Analytical Instruments. The book will enable researchers to understand how the principles governing the instruments are implemented by the electronics. For the electronics engineer, it provides the science context and shows the role of electronics in facilitating the reactions and measuring and interpreting the response.. This book seeks to enable the engineer to come out with improved design of instruments.

Minor Project of general societal application (an electro-gym)

As part of the minor project scheme, an ‘electro-gym-cycle’ was demonstrated wherein, the energy expended by an exerciser on the cycle, is harnesses as electrical energy to charge a battery. Performance data was collected and the project was found viable. Communication has started with Industry, for first bringing out the commercial version and thereafter for marketing the product.

Several projects of social relevance have been identified in the fields of Management and Engineering and are in the process of being articulated as detailed proposals.

1.      Generation of a GIS based database of monuments of national importance, so as to clearly define their areas in latitude and longitude and thereby protect their boundaries against encroachments.

2.      Evolving a scheme of ‘eco-tourism’ whereby places of pilgrimage could enjoy mass patronage, without having a negative impact on environment.

3.      Studying and suggesting methods by which impediments to fund flow from willing financers to enterprising industries, could be removed, thereby giving a fillip to the GDP.

4.      Studying the dynamics of supply chain management for the highly productive vegetable and fruit farming sector , to the wide spread consumption centres, using the economic traditional methods of storage and preservation techniques.

5.      Insights into HR policies for pruning to suit the special needs of women employees.

6.      Studies relating to the development of education of the girl student in the classroom environment.

7.      Effective utilization of information in the cloud environment, without infringement of privacy issues.

8.      Using the techniques of image processing for the restoration of eroded sculptures in ancient monuments.