SCSVMV Deemed to be University

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya

Department of Computer Science and Applications


Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Computer Science & Applications,
SCSVMV (Deemed to be University),Enathur,
Kanchipuram – 631561
Ph : 044 – 27264301, ext: 320


Computer Applications is one of the thrust areas in science and technology. In appreciation to its growing importance in business and visualizing the career prospects, the University established the Department of Computer Science & Applications to facilitate research and train students in the field of computing technology. The syllabus is updated periodically based on the latest trends and requirement in the industry. The Department has a proud alumnus, most of them being placed in much reputed international firms like IBM, HCL, HP, WIPRO, TCS, CTS, etc.
The Research activities of the Department include the subject areas E-learning, Semantic Web, SCORM, Data Mining, Data Communication and Networking, Software Engineering Fuzzy sets, Logic Applications in Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Multimedia and its applications, Image Processing etc.
The Department has a well-equipped laboratory which is being constantly updated with the latest computers. The Department has a placement cell managed by the students and actively assisted by the faculty members. Each year majority of the pass out students are absorbed by major IT companies all over the world.


Empower every student to be innovative, creative and productive in the field of Computer Science by imparting quality education, developing skills and inculcating human values.


To provide an education of the highest quality for both under graduate and Post graduate students.
To provide continuous help to students, to develop and enhance their overall personality skills and excel themselves in the challenging environment.
To enable the students to be knowledgeable and creative by developing state–of-the-art curriculum and through innovative teaching methodologies.
Providing training programs that bridges the gap between academia and industry to produce competitive software professionals.
To inculcate values and ethics in the students enabling them to become socially committed professionals.
To enhance the research quality and productivity, by providing required facilities and industry collaboration.


To develop the students with fundamental knowledge in programming languages and tools and enable them to develop applications.
To excel in programming skills and problem solving in the various computing fields of IT industries.
To prepare the students to pursue higher studies in computing or related disciplines and to work in the fields of teaching and research.
To encourage the research abilities and innovative project development in the field of networking, security, data mining, web technology, mobile communication and also emerging technologies for the cause of social benefit.


Understand and Apply mathematical foundation, computing and domain knowledge for the conceptualization of computing model of problems.
Identify, analyze the computing requirements of a problem and Solve them using computing principles.
Design and Evaluate a computer based system, components and process to meet the specific needs of applications.
Use current techniques and tools necessary for complex computing practices.
Use suitable architecture or platform on design and implementation with respect to performance.
Develop and integrate effectively system based components into user environment.
Understand and commit to cyber regulations and responsibilities in professional computing practices.
Recognize the need for and develop the ability to engage in continuous learning as a Computing professional.
Apply the understanding of management principles with computing knowledge to manage the projects in multidisciplinary environments.
Communicate effectively with the computing community as well as society by being able to comprehend effective documentations and presentations.
The graduates will demonstrate knowledge in C, C++ and Java programming.
The graduates will demonstrate their skill in applying software engineering methodologies in their project work.
The graduates will be capable of developing web based applications in specific verticals.
The graduates will be able to demonstrate their understanding in the emerging areas of data mining and web mining.

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