SI. No.Student NameTitleGuide Name
1Anand.GOptimization Techniques Using MatlabDr.K.Srinivas Rao
2Ramesh.PPartial Ordering and Ternary Operation on C-Algebra
3Thiyagarajan.PDifferential Equations as Mathematical Modelling
4BakeyalakshmiStudy on Parabolic Partial Differential Equations Using Numerical Methods
5Sangeetha .JStudy on Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations Using Numerical Methods
6B.MuralidharanGenerating Pre A*-Algebras From Boolean Algebra And Boolean Algebras From Pre A*-Algebra
7Dhakshinamoorthy.DWiener index and graph energy of coronene and dicoronylene structures
8Jeyanthi.VStudy on Mathematical Modelling –Aided with Matlab
9Gayathri. GCharacterization of Ovalene and Kekulene
10Ezhilarasi.STopological Indices of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
11Tamilselvi .VIf-Then-Else Operator on Boolean Algebra ,C-Algebra And Pre A*-Algebra
12Harini.DMarkov Model In Pagerank And For Cache Systems
13Arul.DStudy on Zagreb Indices
14P.ChinnarajiGraph energy, hosoya polynomial and wiener index for some chemical structures
15M.KarthikGraph energy, wiener index for some chemical structures
16V.Hema lathaFractional Matching of a graphN.Saradha
17S.DheenadhayalanA study on neighborhood domination in graphs
18S.PavithraA study on equitable domination of a graph
19V.SugunambigaiA study on dominator coloring of a graph
20V.RameshA study on triple connected domination of a graph
21Bharathi raja S.KA study on connected domination, total domination, connected co independent domination, total co independent domination
22Enban Madhu ShankarA study on vertex edge dominating set , vertex edge domination polynomial in path and vertex edge domination polynomial in cycle
23VijayalakshmiA study on complementary tree domination of a graph
24 Natarajan. AA study on connected domination of a graph
25PrakashStudy on split domination of a graph
26AngammalStudy on complementary acyclic preserving sets in graphs
27Kumari  NMethods of  IsomorphismMs.D.Vijayalakshmi
28M.MohanasundariStudy on prufer coding and decoding algorithm
29Jayasree.RConstruction  of co spectral graphs
30D.RamyaComparative study of similarity of proteins
31G.GowthamanMethods for chromatic polynomial
32JyothiAlgorithms in Graph theory
33S.SathyabamaStudy on HypergraphsDr.E.Geetha
34M.BaskarA study on Euler circuit-August 2016
35Umesh raj.M.Study on Perron Frobenious theorem with complete graph.
36Dineshkumar. G.Some Studies of  Primal-Dual Algorithms on Shortest Routing Problems
37Janakiraman. BPolynomial Time Algorithm For Minimum Edge Dominating Sets
38Umamaheswari .VSome Investigations on Functions of acyclic graphs
39Udhayasuriya.VSome Investigations on studies of Root systems and line graphs
40P. VadivukannanSome studies on Applications of partial differential equations in fluid dynamics
41S. BalajiStudies on the solutions of the parabolic partial differential equations
42M.NallathambiApplication of Differential Equation in some fields
43S.SundarakrishnanSome studies on Optimal Binary Search Trees
44G.RaghuSome studies on coloring the vertices in a graph
45S.RevathyMultidimensional  Bipartite Graph
46M.SuhasiniTwo series of Edge 4 – Critical Grotzsch Sachs graphs generated by four curves in the plane
47D.RadhaSolving real life locomotive scheduling problemsMs R.Mageswari
48D. RowthriStudies on a similarity measure for graphs
49K. JayakrishnanStudies on Magic labeling of graphs
50S.AmrinnisaStudies On Ramsey Theory And Ramsey Number In Graphs
51R.JAYAKUMARA Hamiltonian Decomposition Of Five Star
52A.SasikalaA Study On Vertex Magic Total Labelings Of Complete Graphs
53D.ROWTHRIA Similarity Measure For Graphs
54S.VijayanStudies On Coding Theory And Its Applications
55V.R.SakthivelStudies On Tree Traversal Methods And Algorithms
56C.DEEPIKAA Simple Study On Measuring Similarity  In Graphs
57K.JayakrishnanStudies On Magic Labeling Of Graphs
58K.KarthikeyanStability Of Functional Equation In Banach Space
59Ramya.BA Study On Single Server Retrial Queue With General Service TimeNagarajan.P
60E. SudhakarA study on single server retrial queue with exponential service time
61V.AyyanarA study on single server queuing system with inventory and lost sales
62M.PanneerselvamA Study on single server queueing system with (r,Q) policy
63M.kannanA study on Mx/G/1 queuing system with vacation times
64K.NakkeeranA study on Mx/(G1,G2)/1 queue with restricted admissibility and random setup time
65V.SelvamuruganA study on some concept of balanced graph, balanced cycles and balanced holes
66M. SenthilKumaranA study on single server fixed batch service queueing system under multiple vacations with gated service
67K.VaradhanA study on MX/G/1 queue with a Bernoulli vacation schedule under restricted admissibility policy
68S.SarathkumarA Study on   M[X]/G/1 queue with Bernoulli Vacation, General vacation times, Random breakdowns, General delay times, and General repair times
69R.KarunamoorthyA Study on M[X] /G/1 queueing system with Bernoulli vacation and unreliable server
70D.ElumalaiA study on MX/Ma,b/1 queueing system with random breakdowns
71S.MuraliA Study on MX/G/1 queueing system with a setup period and a vacation period
72M. TamizmozhiAnalysis Of Marked Graph Of S4pr Model Of Flexible Manufacturing System Using Sign Incidence MatrixMr. P. Balaji
73R.KaviyarasanMarked graphs of machine that process one job at a time and a basic schema of a production state and their conversion in to diagraphs
74M.N.KumaranMarked graph of automated manufacturing cell with three machines three robots and two part types and conversion diagraph
75G.ManonmaniAnalysis of marked graphs of machine that process one job at a time and basic schema of a production stage using sign incidence matrix
76P.ArumugamAnalysis of Marked graphs of an automated manufacturing cell with three machines and three robots using sign incidence matric
77Viswalingam.KApplications of Petrinets in Scheduling
78Thameem.AA study on manufacturing system and petrinet
79V. MuraliDeadlock prevention and analysis in petrinets using siphons and mathematical programming
80M.MunivelModeling shared memory system with stochastic petri nets
81A.KanniyappanAnalysis of generalized stochastic petri nets
82S.ArumugamTimed petri nets
83S.MuthuMarked graphs of independent Kanban control system and  ndependent extended Kanban control system and their conversion into diagraphs
84M.SathyarajAnalysis of diagraph of non-deadlock free FMS and Matching station with four machines and two robots.
85G.SuganthiMarked graphs of basic stock control system and Kanban control system and their conversion into diagraphs
86K.KanchanaA Comparative Study of Analysis of Electrical Circuit Using Graph Theory and Circuit LabMs. K. Pramila
87R. Krishna KumariRepresentation of Replication of a Viron using Graph coloring.
88V.SermakaniExam Scheduling by Vertex coloring Using  Graph Interface
89V.SridharanPerfect and Efficient Edge Domination in graphs
90Balaji.SGPS Control Networks and its Gross Error Cheking using graph theory
91G.LakshmananA study on Domination of a Graph
92SilambarasanTransportation Problem in Fuzzy Environment
93V.AnithaSolving Fuzzy Transportation Problem using Various Ranking Techniques
94K. Uma LakshmiA Study on vertexcoloring
95J.SathyaStudy on Self Dual and Partial Dualityof Graphs
96KadarbashaMathematical Model through ordinary  Differential equations of First ordersMs. J. Sengamalaselvi
97KalaiarasanSimulation and its Application
98Vimala.TQueuing Models and its Applications
99Premalatha.BApplication of Queuing Theory in ante natal care unit
100R. HemapriyaVarious culves and its application through winplot
101D. VijayanDynamics optimization models and its applications
102K.PalaniExecution of ICT in the mathematics education by using the open source software geogebra to B.T & P.G mathematics teacher in Thiruvannamalai District
103S.PavithraA study on knowledge and awarness of ICT related aspects among higher secondary students by using the open source mathematics software geogebra
104J.SettuImplementation of ICT in mathematics by the use of open source software winplot
105E.VijayaraniEffectiveness of using geogebra on secondary education student and understanding in learning geometry and graph
106Latha.TEnactmentation of information and communication technology in mathematics by the use of open source software
107D. SankarGraph Theory as applied to social network analysis a case studyMr.V.K. Radhakrishnan
108M. SankarA Study on Graceful Labeling of Graphs
109C. BackiarajA Study on Skolem Difference Mean Graphs
110S. SaravananA Study on Divisor Cordial Labeling Graph
111S. SenapathiA Study on Dual Graphs
112V. GayathriAn Algebraic approach to Coding Theory
113P. BalamaniApplication of Differential Equations in Oscillating Pendulum
114T. SridharAn Approach to Group Action on Fuzzy Ideals
115D. KrishnanA Study on m-Polar Fuzzy Graphs and its Applications
116K. KumarA Study on Shift Sequence for Nurse Scheduling using Linear Programming Problem
117A. GaneshA Study on Steiner Trees and its Applications
118T.SaranyaSynthesis of Connectivity and its Applications
119S.PalaniGeneralization of Ulam stabilities of Cauchy additive functional equationMs. A. Dhanalakshmi
120K.SureshThe Bivariate Poisson Negative Binomial distribution and its application
121E.KothandaramanApplications of Oscillation Theory for neutral delay differential equations
122JayapriyaEvaluation Of Present  Value Through Laplace Transform
123K. RevathiApplication of fuzzy set matrices and super fuzzy matrices
124N. AnandhanMatching s and coloring graphs
125P.SakthivelEffective in teaching learning assessment using Mega stat
126M.PunithaHosoya, Schultz, Modified Schultz Polynomials and their Related Indices
127K. RavikumarAnalysis of marked graph of two machine system processing two part types using sign incidence matrix
128M. SaravananTime and frequency off set  estimation using of DMA  uplink system using mathematical optimizationK.Bharathi
129M. Ashok KumarDesign of Dual rate systems using Z-Transform and Alias component block matrices
130J.SubramaniMathematical Programming Techniques In Sample Surveys
131D.MuruganTesting The Solution Of Optimality For Transportation Problem Using Matlab
132K.VenkatesanA Study On Planarity And Non –Planarity Of Graphs
133R.ParimalaGrowth of difference operator and its application in numerical methods
134S. KavithaApplication of eigen values and eigen vectorsMs. T.N. Kavitha
135V.samundeeswariA study on certain classes of close- to convex- function
136D.LathaOn the approximation of analytic functions represented by dirichlet series
137P.K.AnnamalaiApplications of First Order Differential Equations to Population Dynamics
138M.VinayagamoorthiA Data analysis about the knowledge of Thirukkural from 1330 educated peoples and Mathematics in Thirukkural 
139D.MuruganCryptography Using Mathematics
140A. SakthivelModelling puzzles using linear equations in mathematics
141S. RadhakrishnanGeneralization of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideals In Γ- Near rings
142E. ManivannanA Note on semigroups, monoids,groups and Equivalent definition of a group
143E. UmapathiA study on pebbling graph embeddable on surfaces
144L.ShanmugasundaramApplication of Bisection Method in real life
145V. RevathiOn a study of derivations and generalized Derivations of inclined algebra
146R.VijayalakshmiA comparative study of Experimental and Theoretical Ultrasonic velocity and refractive index of few binary liquid mixtures using Mathematical methodsDr. A Gayathri
147K.VijiA study on Higher order triangular sum numbers of Polyhedral and  graceful graphs
148R.VimalaA comparative study of Theoretical and Experimental methods of Viscosity of few liquid systems
149P.SoundaryaAn analysis of Prime labelling of some graphs