***************************Postponement of First year Engineering classes************************


Inauguration for engineering : 26th august 2019

Inauguration for non engineering : 21st august 2019

Prior Attention and Intimation to Parents and Students on Postponement of First year Engineering classes.

It is hereby informed to all parents and newly admitted first year students , because of special circumstances prevailing in Kanchipuram on account of Athivaradar festival ( happens once in 40 years) district administration took decisions for the convenience of general public , some of which includes

1. Restriction of vehicular movement in Kanchipuram town and surroundings

2.Utilizing available premises for accommodating protective field force

Another important point to be noted is that getting accommodation in hotels at this given point of time is a remote possibility.

Students arriving first time with luggage,( if their vehicles are stopped at various locations) may encounter lot of inconvenience.

In view of the above unavoidable reasons we are constrained to postpone the inauguration by another one week.

Inconvenience caused if any is highly regretted.