Faculty Details - D. LATHA



• M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D., )

Research Interests



D.Latha, P.Prabu, S.Munusamy, S.Sampurnam, C.Arulvasu and V.Narayanan. Evaluation of catalytic activity of green synthesized bimetallic nanoparticle from Justiciaadhatoda.Materials Today: Proceedings, 14 (2); 569-573 (2019). S.Sampurnam, T.Dhanasekaran, S.Muthamizh, A.Padmanaban, S.Munusamy,

D.Latha, and V.NarayananSynthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic activity of silver nanoparticle doped Phosphomolybdic acid supported Zirconia. Materials. Today: Proceedings, 14; 558-562 (2019). S.Sampurnam, T.Dhanasekaran, A.Padmanaban, S.Munusamy, D.Latha, V. Narayanan. Synthesis, Characterization and visible light Photocatalytic activity of PANI modified TiO2/Cu nanocomposite. Journal of the Indian chemical society, 96 (1); 165-167 (2019).

D.Latha, S.Munusamy, A.Padmanaban, G.Gnanamoorthy, S.Sampurnam, C.Arulvasu and V.Narayanan. Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Piper nigrum and its application in the photocatalytic degradation. Journal of the Indian chemical society, 96; 38-39 (2019).

D.Latha, P.Prabu, G.Gnanamoorthy, S.Sampurnam, R.Manikandan, C.Arulvasu and V.Narayanan. Facile Justiciaadhatoda leaf extract derived route to silver nanoparticle: Synthesis, characterization and its application in photocatalytic and anticancer activity. Material Research Express, 6(4); 1-36 (2019).

D.Latha,P.Prabu, G.Gnanamoorthy, S.Munusamy, S.Sampurnam, C.Arulvasu, V.Narayanan. Size-dependent catalytic property of gold nanoparticle mediated by Justiciaadhatoda leaf extract.SN Applied Sciences, 1:134; (2019)

S.Sampurnam, S.Muthamizh, T.Dhanasekaran, D.Latha,A.Padmanaban, P.Selvam, A.Stephen and V.Narayanan. Synthesis and characterization of Keggin-type polyxometalate/Zirconia nanocomposites-comparison of its photocatalytic activity towards various organic pollutants. Journal of photochemistry and photobiology A: Chemistry, 370 (1); 26-40 (2019).

D.Latha,P.Prabu, C.Arulvasu, R.Manikandan, S.Sampurnam, V.Narayanan. Enhanced cytotoxic effect on Human lung carcinoma cell line (A549) by gold nanoparticles synthesized from Justiciaadhatoda leaf extract. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, 8(11); 540-547 (2018).

D.Latha,S.Sampurnam, C.Arulvasu, P.Prabu ,K.Govindaraju and V.Narayanan. Biosynthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticle from Justiciaadhatoda and its catalytic activity. Materials Today: Proceedings, 5; 8968–8972 (2018).

S.Sampurnam, T.Dhanasekaran, A.Padmanaban, S.Muthamizh, D.Latha, G.Gnanamoorthy, S.Munusamy and V.Narayanan. Synthesis, characterization and heterogeneous photocatalytic activity of H3PW12O40/TiO2/Ag composites. Materials Today: Proceedings, 5; 8808–8811 (2018).

D.Latha,C.Arulvasu, P.Prabu, V.Narayanan. Photocatalytic activity of biosynthesized silver nanoparticle from leaf extract of JusticiaAdhatoda. Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering, 9; 5 (2017)

Conference and Workshop details

Participated in the national seminar entitled on “Future India-Science and Technology” organized by Department of Advanced zoology and Biotechnology in Association with Indian Science Congress Association-Chennai Chapter during 27-28th February 2019 at Department of Zoology, Guru nanak college, chennai.

(i)Paper presented entitled on “Photocatalytic activity of biogenic AgNPs using Piper nigrum”.

(ii)Paper presented entitled on “Green synthesis of AuNPs and catalytic activity towards 2-Nitrophenol” in 2nd International Conference on Advances in New Materials (ICAN-2018) organized by Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Madras, Chennai during 8-9th June 2018.

Paper presented in “Post-Centenary Diamond jubilee-national seminar on Recent trends in Nano biosensors” organized by Department of Inorganic chemistry, University of Madras, Chennai during 22 & 23rd February 2018.

Oral presented in 2nd “International conference on recent advances in material chemistry” (ICRAMC-2018) organized by Department of Chemistry, SRM institute of Science and Technology in association with alternative energies and atomic energy commission (CEA) and France and IRD India, Chennai 14 -16th February 2018.

Poster presented in “International conference on recent trends in applied science and technology” (ICRAST-2017) organized by Department of Nanoscience and Technology and research Centre, Anna University, Chennai during 8-9th September 2017.

Participated in “International seminar on recent trend in environmental science-issues and remedies” held on March 2017, organized by Centre for Environmental Sciences, Guindy campus, University of Madras, Chennai.

Paper presented entitled on “Synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles from Justiciaadhatoda” in the International Conference on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry (ICRAMC-2017) organized by Department of Chemistry, SRM University Chennai and association with IRD India during 15-17th February 2017.

Paper presented in “International Conference on Materials Processing and Applications” (ICMPA-2016) organized by center of crystal Growth, School of Advanced Sciences, VIT University, Vellore during December 14-16th 2016.

Paper presented entitled on “Green synthesis of Silver nanoparticle from Justiciaadhatoda and its photocatalytic activity” in 3rd National Conference on New Renaissance in Chemical Research (NCNRCR 2016) organized by Department of Chemistry, SRM University, Chennai 19th August 2016.

Participated in national seminar on “Basic and Applied immunology” (NSBAI’2016) organized by Department of Zoology, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai 2nd to 3.02.2016.

Participated in the seminar on “Recent developments in chemistry” held on 29.08.2011. School of Chemistry, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchrappalli-620 024.

“Faculty development program on Entrepreneurship” held on 16th to 28.11.2009 organized by Entrepreneurship development cell at Mother Teresa University, Kodikonal.

Lecture workshop on “Frontier in Chemistry” organized by Department of Chemistry, H.K.R.H College, Uthamapalayam during 27th to 28.03.09