Faculty Details - Mrs.C.Jeyalakshmi



M.Phil., Manonmaniam Sundaranar University,Tirunelveli(2008)
M.Sc., Central University,Pondicherry(2004)
Ph.D- ongoing-SCSVMV

Areas of Research Intrests:
Environmental Electrochemistry
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Fuel cell catalysis


Subjects Taught:
Environmental Science & Engineering
Principles of Environmental Science
Natural Products
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Water Analysis and Treatment
Research Methodology
Advanced Electrochemistry


Synthesis, characterization and electro chemical activity of Fe2O3, International Journal of Materials Science,vol.12,2017,260-272.

Photodegradation of Crystalviolet-A parametric study,IJTRA,Vol.37,2016,38-41.

Optimization and Decolorization of textile dye with bacterial strains- International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, Vol. 5, No 1, 2016, 66 – 72.

Human ecological studies in a semi-arid village ecosystem- International Research Journal of Arts& Education, Vol(1)1,399-402.-(2014)

Biodegradation of Persistent organic pollutants-Proceedings-3rd International Science Congress (2013)

Role of gas chromatography in evaluation of bioremediation – a review - Proceedings National Seminar on Frontier Areas of Spectrophysics, (2013)

Solar Degradation of Crystal Violet- Proceedings -Racine Mathematical&Science Congress,Loyola college(2013)

Biodegradation of Bisphenol-A by BacillusCereus&Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from contaminated soil.- Proceedings -International Workshop and Conference on Renewable Energy and Climate Change- Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Development, Madurai Kamaraj University,Madurai(2012)

Impact of industrial effluents and Sewage on river Thamirabarani and its sustainable management- Proceedings -National Conference on Environmental Pollution management and Sustainable Development- Gandhigram Rural University Gandhigram. (2006)

List of conferences Attended

S.No Name of the conference Year/ Month venue
1 Modern techniques in analytical chemistry 2011 SCSVMV
2 National mathematics day 2012 SCSVMV
3 UGC sponsored national workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment 2012 March Annamalai University
4 National workshop on modern physical and chemical instrumentation 2012 SCSVMV
5 Int.workshop and conference on Renewable energy and climate change 2012 Madurai kamaraj University
6 Int.conference on Advances in Envt.Sciences 2012 Loyolo college, Chennai
7 Nat.Mathematics day celebration 2013 SCSVMV
8 Nat.workshop on writing scientific proposals and papers for quality research 2013 SCSVMV
9 National workshop on Matlab. 2013 SCSVMV
10 UGC orientation programme 2013 University of Madras
11 3rd Int.Science congress conference 2013 Karunya university
12 Nat.seminar on Frontier areas of spectrophysics 2013 SCSVMV
13 Third National Workshop on Instrumentation techniques in physics (PINTECH 2014) 2014 SCSVMV
14 Int.conf on frontier areas of physics 2014 SCSVMV
15 Int.con on Arts,education and contemporary studies 2014 ICMR,Pondicherry
16 Seminar on enhancement of quality in higher education-role of teachers 2015 SCSVMV
17 Nat.workshop on Analytical techniques for chemical characterization 2015 SCSVMV
18 Hands on training and workshop on analytical techniques 2015 SCSVMV
19 One day user awareness programme on shodhganga and anti-plagiarism software 2015 SCSVMV
20 National workshop on Math with open source software(NWMOSS-15) 2015 SCSVMV
21 National workshop on basics of Matlab. 2015 SCSVMV
22 Fourth National Workshop on Instrumentation techniques in physics 2015 SCSVMV
(PINTECH 2015) November
23 Nat.workshop on Role of nuclear and radiation chemistry in energy generation 2016 January SCSVMV
24 Nat.seminar on Cloud computing and big data analytics 2016 January SCSVMV
25 International seminar on Modern 2016 SCSVMV
synthetic chemistry applications and approaches February
26 Special seminar on Salient aspects of NAAC 2016 March SCSVMV
27 Int.workshop on crossing the cultural divide 2016 SCSVMV
28 Seminar on effective teaching learning process 2016 SCSVMV
29 Int.seminar power sums 2016 SCSVMV
30 Qualty enrichment programme-II 2016 SCSVMV
31 DST-Nat.seminar on chemistry of pulses 2016 SCSVMV
32 DST-Nat.seminar on digital image processing 2016 SCSVMV
33 Int.conference on sustainable development 2017 Ganesh School
34 Int.conference on functional materials 2017 SCSVMV
35 National workshop on Micro scale Chemistry and Green Chemistry 2017 SCSVMV
36 Training programme on online lab 2017 SCSVMV
37 National Seminar 2018 SCSVMV
On “Glimpses of Indian Space Program”(Past, Present and Future) January
38 Science Academie’s sponsored workshop on spectroscopy and microscopy 2018 SCSVMV
39 Regional Knowledge conclave 2018 Mysore
40 International conference on EIS and Electrochemistry 2019 CECRI
41 National Knowledge conclave on Environment 2019 Anil Agarwal Environmental Institute, Rajasthan


Invited Talks:

Delivered a talk on Plastic waste management in the NSS camp programme during March-2019.
Delivered a lecture in career guidance in the Department of Chemistry on the title 1.What Interests You 2.Tailor your Talk during March 2019.
Delivered a lecture on E-waste and their Management in Green Cell, SCSVMV -2016
Demonstration on Electrochemical workstation in Nat.workshop on Analytical Techniques for Chemical Characterization-2015.
Delivered a lecture on Autolab and its Importance in Analytical Techniques Demonstration organized by Dept.of Chemistry (SCSVMV) on 25-02-2015/ 26-02-2015 &05-03-2015.
Delivered a lecture on The Need for environmental education and the environmental status of Kanchipuram in school of Education (SCSVMV), jointly organized by CPR foundation,Chennai on 07-06-2014.

Other Activities
External Examiner for Central University, Pondicherry (2015 onwards)
Question paper setter for other University (2017 onwards)

Administrative Profile:
Member-Anti Ragging Committee
Additional Coordinator-University Green cell.
Editorial Board member for University Publication committee-2015 onwards.
Member-University VIP Hospitality Committee (2010 onwards).
M.Phil Coordinator
In charge-Chemistry UG, PG, M.Phil., admissions planning.
In charge –hodchem@kanchiuniv.ac.in
Dept.LMS- incharge.(2014 onwards)
Coordinator-Students Attaendance (B.Sc,M.Sc&M.Phil.,)-2016 onwards.
Co-opted member-BOS-2018.
Editorial Board member for Vision of Science-2015-2017.
Org.Sec-National Science Day celebration-2017.
Coordinator- Dept. website creation(2015-2017)
Org.Sec., DST-SERB, GOI sponsored National conference on Chemistry of Pulses, organized by Dept. of Chemistry, SCSVMV University during 20th – 21st Oct 2016.
Member-Scrutinize the study material for Academic year 2014&2015.
Dept.level member for Chandrika- 2009-2016.
Coordinator for a lecture on World Ozone Day celebration on 15-09-15.
Member-BOS (2015)
Received a certificate of Appreciation for scrutiny and evaluation of PBAS for Academic Year 2015.
Organizing member for conducting special lecture to B.Sc Students on 21,23, 24,28,29,&30-09-15.
Created web page for Consultancy Services (2015) &Created Consultancy requisition form for the users.
Prepared a log book & Mentor for Dept.Chemistry during 2014.
Coordinator-Timetable- I Year B.E./B.Tech, SCSVMV University, 2010-2014.
Member-University disciplinary committee-2010-2014.
Organizing member for National Science Day celebration-(2009-2016)
Event organizer- Tarunyam &Talent Fest (2009 onwards)