Number of participants per team: 3.
Certificates will be provided for all participants.
First and second prizes are awarded based on judgment.
Decent Dress code has to be maintained by the students.

Event Rules

The time duration allocated for preparation and performance will be 2+4 minutes respectively.
The Topic will be given on the spot.
Online Registrations are available on our website and spot registrations are also allowed.
Slots are given to the participants on first come, first served basis.
Judges decision will be treated as final.
Judgement will be based on the clarity of thoughts ,innovativeness ,humor
      team co-ordination and expressions.
Team will be disqualified on vulgarity or any obscene in the performance.
Language preferences: English or Tamil.

ELITE 2k19 Registration Form

ELITE 2k19 Registration Form

Event Name

Paper Presentation

Poster Presentation

Software Debugging


Case Study

System Assemble

Website Design




Short Film

Mock Interview

Block & Tackle

Finding the Object

Fun Quiz

On Spot Photo Editing

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