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Department of CSE.

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STC Title

Cyber Crime & Forensic Tools

Dates and Venue

31 Aug – 04 Sep, Internet Lab, SCSVMV University, Enathur, Kanchipuram.


Course Contents

  Overview of Cyber Security & need of cyber security

  Introduction to Kali Linux & Metasploit

  Breaking Windows Security

  Client Side Attacks

  Information Gathering, Footprinting & Counter measures


  Creating a Rogue Access Point

  Breaking WiFi Security keys like WEP, WPA & WPA2

  Man In the Middle Attack

  SSL Man in the Middle Attack

  DNS & IP Spoofing

  Phishing Techniques

  Open Source Forensic Tools

  Virtual Private Network


  Malware Detection

  Understanding Honetynet & Botnets

  Reverse Engineering

  Windows 32 Buffer Overflow Exploitation


  Implementing Secure Protocols

  Public/Private Key Based Authentication

  Mandatory Access Control using SElinux

  Firewalls (Linux Based & Cisco ASA)

  Intrusion Prevention System ( Linux Based & Cisco IPS 4210)

  SQL Injection

  Wireless LAN Controller

  Security Implementation using Hypervisor

  Emerging Challenges of Cyber Crimes-Modus Operandi of Criminals

  Data Hiding Techniques

  Email header Analysis

  Access Control Server

  Website Security (AAA, RADIUS & TACACS+)

  Social Etiquettes

  Introduction to Legal System

  Introduction to IT Act (Cyber Context)

   Legal Framework of Right to Privacy, Data Security & Data Protection.

Contact  Person

Mr.M. Prasath Pandiyan




Head of the Department


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