Faculty Details - CSE



B.E(CSE), M.Tech(IT),(Ph.D)

His Area of Interest lies in Computer Networks, Network Security, Mobile Computing domain.


Advanced Data Communication and Adhoc Networks
Mobile and pervasive Computing
Software Testing
Knowledge Management
Cloud Computing
Java Programming





1) Presented a paper title on “ Autonomous Bipetal Prototype for Visual Surface Inspection “ at the International Conference on Electrical ,Electronics and Robotics(ICEER) held at GOA on 16th February 2014.
2) Presented a paper title on “ A DC Method of Computation For Offloading in Mobile Using Mobile Cloud Computing” at International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computing and Communication(ICETCC 2014) held at COIMBATORE ON 15TH February 2014.
3) Presented a paper title on “Android application for Remote monitoring system” at International conference on social Media , Data Analytics and Cloud computing held at Aarupadai vedu Institute of Technology, Chennai on 27-04-2017 to 28-04-2017.
4) Presented a paper title on “ Abnormal Moving Object Detection Method in embedded Camera system“ at National Conference on Innovative Research in Biological Science held at Govt Thirumagal Mills college, Gudiyattam. December 2014.
5) Presented a paper title on “Target Detecting using RFID Technology “ at Second National Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology held at Department of Information Technology, SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram. December 2015.
6) Presented a paper title on “Multiple Video analysis Using GPU” at National Conference on Advance Communication & VLSI Computing Technologies held at Department of ECE, SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram. December 2016.


1) Dr.P.Shanmugapriya and N.Kumaran, “Predominant quality attributes in Evaluating software Architecture and Addressing Scenario coverage” May 2016, International Journal of Advanced Research in IT and Engineering, Volume No:05,ISSN 2278-6244.
2) N.Kumaran and Mrs Bibha Kumari,“cost Minimization for Multicasting in wireless communication Networks” April 2017, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Volume No:06,ISSN 2277-128X.
3) N.Kumaran, “Interest Target Object Detection Using RFID Technology” March 2016, International Journal of Advanced Research in IT and Engineering, Volume No:03,ISSN 2278-6244, pp 9-17.
4) J.Shyam Mohan and N.Kumaran, “Data Reduction Techniques for High dimensional Biological Data” February 2016, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume No:05,Issue :02(2016).
5) S.Ramamoorthy, N.Kumaran and J.S.Shyam Mohan “ Secure Resource Authentication Module in Public Cloud access Management” July 2015 , IJAER, Volume No:11(2015), pp 28439-28446.
6) M.Thirunavukkarasu, N.Kumaran and S.Ramamoorthy,” DC method of Computation for Offloading in Mobile Using Mobile Cloud Computing” April 2014 , IJRAET, ISSN 2347-28122.
7) S.Sankarasubramani, R. Vasanth Kumar Mehta and N.Kumaran “ Auto –Mobile Vehicle Direction on road Traffic using Artificial Neural Network “ July 2013 , IJAIA, Issn no 0976-2191


Seminar 5
Conference 7
Workshops 9
Other Training Programs 1