PHands on Workshop on Social Networks Mining and Analysis (SNMA) on 25th Feb 2015

Department of CSE organized one-day hands on workshop on social network mining and analysis on 25th Feb ’15 in CSE seminar hall, SCSVMV University, Enathur, Kanchipuram.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr.G.Sriram, Dean (E&T). Dr.S.Santhi, Associate Professor of CSE department welcomed the participants and dignitaries. Dr.S.Rajalakshmi, Director, SJCAC, delivered keynote address.

In the first session, Ms.R.Poorvadevi, Asst. Prof, CSE department discussed about the significance of SNMA and various topics like social knowledge and representation, intelligent content recommendation system, handling of massive data on social sites and some sort of security principles towards online social networks (OSN).

In the second session Ms.D.Thamaraiselvi, Asst. Prof, CSE department discussed about behavioral analysis and how to mine the users’ characteristics and activities from distinct social networks.

The next session is handled by Dr.S.Santhi, Asso. Prof of CSE department, discussed about the Community detection and mining algorithms.

Hands – on – session was held in the CSE Main Lab. Extracting data from social networks and then analyzing them with GEPHI tool were demonstrated with real time data sets. The participants of various departments gained knowledge by practicing the same tool on their face book account.


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