Special lecture by Prof. S V Raghavan

                      Prof. S V Raghavan , Scientific Secretary in the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India and Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai visited the Computer Science and Engineering Department on Saturday - 12 July 2014 and addressed the 3rd and Final Year students. Prof Raghavan is also an Adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Science in IIT Delhi and is the Chief Architect of India’s National Knowledge Network (NKN).

                      In his address to the students, Dr. S. V. Raghavan stressed on the power of the National Knowledge Network and explained that the Network to which the SCSVMV University is connected at 1 Gbps is capable of supporting close to 500 live classrooms, anywhere in the world. Dr. Raghavan stressed on the students to focus on the fundamentals, and explained the need for developing a good understanding of the theoretical foundations of Computer Science as well as the skills necessary to apply them to solve problems. He recalled the contributions of the doyens of Computer Science - Nyquist with his work in the field of Sampling, Shannon's works in Information Encoding and Fourier who has contributed extensively in the field of wave forms. In his welcome address, Head of the Department Prof. Vasanth Kumar Mehta spoke about contributions made by Prof. Raghavan to the Department through a more than decade long association. Dean Prof. Dr. G. Sriram gave special address on the occasion.