Industrial Visit to Aeronautical Development Establishment - Bangaluru

1. Permission was obtained to visit Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), Bangaluru.Prior to visit, the students were briefed about the facilities at ADE.


2. 57 students of IV ECE guided by 2 Faculty (Prof.Dr.M.Sivanandam and Prof.P.Venkatesan) had     visited ADE on 6th September, 2013. The University had provided a college bus. The students had  supported Permit amount, Fuel cost and Toll fees.


3. ADE is associated in the Design, Development and Integration of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV),    Manned Aircraft and other Associated systems.


4. The following facilities were visited.

* Unmanned Air Vehicle-Nishant

The UAV is launched using a Hydro Pneumatic Launcher and recovered with Aero Parachute. The aircraft carries payload for both day and night missions. An onboard flight control and navigation system makes the aircraft fly in autonomous mode. The cruise speed is 125-150 Kmph.

*  Unmanned Air Vehicle-Lakshya

Pilotless Target Aircraft, Lakshya is used as a target for weapon systems like RADAR guided Surface to Air Missiles, Air to Air Missiles etc.

*  Controlled Aerial Delivery System (CADS)

A CADS is an aerial delivery system that delivers a payload of 500 Kg to a designated target using Air Parachute.

*  Rustom UAV

        Rustom is the long endurance (35 hours) UAV with multi mission capability.

*  Laser Guidance System  for 1000 lb Bombs, SUDARSHAN

       The system directs the bomb towards a target, which has been illuminated by laser      

        energy. The control system is capable of changing the trajectory of the bomb.

*  Real-Time LCA Flight Simulator.

*  In the Conference Hall, video clippings of various UAV, launching and recovery was presented.


5. Outcome of the visit

 The students have interacted with the Scientists during briefing. The visit had helped the students to understand Defence Electronics, Communication and Control systems. It also

  exposed the students to Warfare Electronics.