Report of Industrial Visit cum Educational Tour to Mysuru & Bengaluru

Permission was accorded for 83 students of Second Year B.E.(ECE) for Industrial Visit cum Educational tour to Mysuru and Bengaluru from 19.02.2019 to 24.02.2019

The following faculty accompanied the Students for the Industrial Visit,
Smt. M.A.Archana, Assistant Professor, ECE
Shri.D.Muthukumaran, Assistant Professor, ECE
Shri. T.Dinesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, ECE

The following are the Highlights of the visit
Students got witnessed production of High Stability Carbon Film Resistors, High Stability Metal Film Resistors, Metal Oxide Film Resistors, Zero Ohm Resistors products and got exposure towards the Production process, Quality Assurance Order Processing at ACE Components Pvt Ltd in Mysuru.
Students got visualized Engine Hall - How things work, Electrotechnic, Fun Science, Space Technology Gallery Biotechnological Revolution, BEL-Hall of Electronics , Dinosaur Enclave, Science on a Sphere, Wright Brothers Aeroplane at Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum in Bengaluru.
Students were taken to Exciter Receiver Processor Unit (ERPU), Digital Beam Former, Frequency Hopping & Burst Interception And Monitoring System, H.264 Hi422 High Performance Decoder, MPEG-2 4:2:2 P@High Level Video Decoder at Coreel Technologies in Bengaluru.
Students response about the industrial was very good and interactive.