Report of Special Lecture on “OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING USING C++”

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized Special Lecture on “OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING USING C++” from 26.02.2019 to 28.02.2019 at room no.206, First Floor, Silver Jubilee Building “Sri Jayendra Prasadam”, SCSVMV.
The Resource person for the programme is Shri. E. Sankar, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, SCSVMV. 249 students of B.E (ECE)-II Year attended the programme.
The following are the Highlights of the lecture
Students gained knowledge about characteristics of object oriented language
Students got exposure towards the various classes of object oriented programming.
Students got information about objects and member functions
Students learnt the concepts of inheritance and virtual classes and functions that are used in C++.