AAVISHKAR’14 , the national level technical symposium conducted by EIE Dept., SCSVMV University on 31st October 2014. AAVISHKAR means Discover an Engineer in U. The technical paper presentation of the AAVISHKAR’14 includes the innovative topics like Augmented Reality, Wireless network system, Space recognition sensor, Bio-medical instrumentation, Light fidelity etc., technical papers received from inter and intra university. Apart from technical paper presentation various technical, non-technical and sports events like debate, quiz, flipflop , photozap , kcorner, mock interview and sports events like football, cricket, basket ball were conducted. Prize winners were awarded with certificates and exciting prizes.

In technical paper presentation the winners were awarded with   3000,  2000 ,  1000 along with certificate first, second and third prizes respectively. The participants were encouraged by Dean Dr.G.sriram and HOD/EIE Prof. V. Swaminathan . A special performance was given by students of various dept. of our SCSVMV University and the AAVISHKAR’14 gone a platform for the energetic students to show their talents and to grow in all respects.