Green Thinkers Forum

            This Forum was inaugurated on 15th September 2017. In recent decades human activities like deforestation, industrialization are the root cause for all the disasters.  Urbanization is the reason for the animal invasion into villages. It is the correct time to take steps atleast to reduce human affliction. If we can preserve the flora & fauna and can strive hard to increase its number, we must work hard.

So, as an action plan to this thought, EIE and Mechatronics Students started a forum called “Green Thinkers” to give a picture to this process.

The three step plans of this Forum are: Short term, Long term and Very long term plan.

The short term goal is to conduct sessions to make students to understand the nature better and to think out of their confinement.

The next step will be to list out the problems to be faced regarding nature and to address them is the long term plan.

The very long term goal is to create awareness among all and head towards sustainable development.

The core intention behind this forum is that every individual should come and contribute toward nature and to work as a team and make it efficient.

The forum activities are elaborated by Mr.S.Sushil, II year Mechatronics and Ms.S.Mathangi,    II Year CSE during the inauguration of this forum.

The Staff Coordinators are:

1.      Mrs.T.Lakshmibai

2.      Mr.N.C.A.Boovarahan

The Student Coordinators are:

1.      Mr.M.Saketh Kumar, II year Mechatronics

2.      Mr.S.Sushil ,  II year Mechatronics

3.      Mr.Sagar, II year ECE

4.      Mr.S.Mathangi, II year CSE


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