Electro –Infinity Club

                Club inaugurated on 15th September 2017. This club is started by EIE & Mechatronics Department Students for the benefit of all engineering University Students. The motto of the Club is “Electronics with no boundaries” The vision of the club is to extend technical support to the students by providing additional intrapersonal skills and outside the box thinking. Briefing of the club activities is done by Mr.A.R.Krishnan, III year EIE.

Some of the action plans decided are:

*Tech talk

*Group Discussion

*Mathematical Techniques

*Non Tech Speech

*Guest Lectures and Workshops

*Industrial visits

*Online blog

*Fine arts day celebrations

*Waste Remodeling


The Staff Coordinators are:

1.      Mrs.T.Lakshmibai, AP/EIE

2.      Mr.S.S.Saravanakumar, AP/EIE

3.      Mr.T.Sundar, AP/EIE



The Students Coordinators are:

1.      Aparna D, Dept of Mechatronics

2.      K.K.Akash Krishna, Dept of Mechatronics

3.      A.R.Krishnan, Dept of EIE

4.      N.Rishidharan, Dept of Mechatronics

5.      C.S.Hariharaganesh, Dept of Mechatronics

6.      K.Aravind, Dept of CSE

7.      B.Vishveshwaran, Dept of ECE

8.      R. Asteekar, Dept of EEE




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