Kodankulam Nuclear Power Plant on 12.08.2014

Students of EIE department had a Industrial Visit to KKNPP (Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant) at Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu on 12.08.2014, accompanied by five staff members (Mrs.T.Lakshmibai, Mr.T.Sundar, Mr.G.P.Sivakumar, Mr.S.S.Saravanakumar, Mr.K.Vinayagamoorthy).

India’s long-term Nuclear Power Programme based on thorium resources for electricity generation commissioned at Kudankulam with two nuclear power reactors, each with capacity of 1000 MW.

Each reactor consists of four primary coolant circuits, each primary coolant circuit comprising of one reactor coolant pump, one steam generator which circulates the coolant through the reactor core & remove the heat from the core during normal operation. The secondary circuit comprising of Steam turbine, condensers, feed pumps etc which delivers the steam from the each steam generator to the turbine to produce power & returns the condensed water from the condenser to the steam generators.

Also, students visited Wind mills at near Tirunelveli in which, the flowing wind rotates a wind turbine. The generator, which is coupled to the wind turbine, produces electricity.

The students actively interacted with the scientists in the Nuclear Plant regarding the processes involved.


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