Chembarambakkam, Chennai 600123.

Industrial Visit Report:

All the Students of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering & Mechatronics Engineering students accompanied by faculty members Mrs.T.Lakshmi Bai, Mrs.K.Sugapriya, Mr.N.C.N.Boovarahan and Mrs.Komathy were visited the Nagman Instruments and Electronics (P) Ltd.

We visited the following sections in their Industry

Thermal Optical Laboratory - Calibrate optical sensors and temperature sensors for its temperature measurements

Electro-Technical Laboratory Calibrations and resolutions of Multimeter, Voltmeter and to reduce the error levels of instruments. The Universal calibration meter is the major source of this laboratory.

Pressure Gauge Laboratory Transmitter, I to P convertors are used. Precision pressure Indicator / Calibrators were used. Test Instruments and Master Instruments were used. Water, Hydraulic Oils were used in all the systems. In Pneumatic medium air pressure duck DPI605 are used. Accuracy of the instrument is taken as Master Instrument and other is considered as Test Instrument.

Digital Pressure Calibration Laboratory Dead weight tester, Dual Piston Instruments were used. To calculate the error, the balls made up of Aluminium is used.

Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Laboratory Display section, Programming section, Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) section setting of 102*F for 20 minutes. The heat is jumped from moving ground level to excited state. The values were timed for zero level error or minimum of 0.0002.




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