Railneerplant, Palur on 09.10.2013

         Permission Granted to Visit RAIL NEER PLANT (PALUR) at Palur, Kanchipuram district on 09.10.13.

         Final year EIE students Guided by four faculty members (Prof.Mrs.T.Lakshmibai, Prof.T.Sundar, Prof.Mr.S.S.Saravanakumar & Mr.K.Vinayagamoorthy(Lab Instructor)) were visited.

         Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

         It has the Third plant to produce Rail Neer, which was commissioned in July 2011.

         It is located at Kanchipuram.

         This plant has the highest capacity of 1.8 lakh bottles per day.

         It is equipped with latest models of Bottle Blowing machines. For the first time, automatic hot flue labeling machine and shrink packing of bottles has been introduced by IRCTC

Water Treatment Section:    

The plant technology employs 8 purification processes capable of yielding water quality conforming to BIS standard IS 14543-2004.

1. Activated Carbon Filter; Stage 1 & 2

            2. Auto Softener Unit (ASF)

            3. Ultra Filtration Unit

            4. Reverse Osmosis

5. Marble Chip Filter:

            6. Two stage Micron Filters

7. Ultra Violet Sterilizer Unit

8. Ozonising Unit


Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine:


Hot air is blown into preform which makes it to expand. A hot rod will stretch the bottle to its full length. Then it is cooled before sending to conveyor. Air conveyor system is Electro Neumatic actuated by electric signal that controls the movement of bottles.

Automatic Rinsing Filling & Capping, Seal Checking and Labeling and Packing

         The bottles are rinsed in inverted position by very high pressure jet and passed to capper where the same get capped. Then operators will check the Seal and for any leakage. The Bottles are arranged in 4X3 pattern in a box. Then box is covered by a Polyethylene Sheet after appropriate process.

         The students visited thoroughly the various process of Instrumentation carried out in the RAIL NEER PLANT PALUR.





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