11th October 2012by Department of Electronics & Instrumentation

About Kanchipuram City
One of the ‘seven sacred cities (Mokshapuris) of India’, Kanchipuram, also known as Kanchi, is regarded as the golden city of a thousand temples. Being the only city sacred to both Shaivites (Shiva worshippers) and Vaishnavas (devotees of Vishnu), it continues to amaze the visitors with its transcendental temples with their sculptures and architectural beauty.
Kanchipuram city is also famous for the vast number of looms which spin out hand woven priceless Kanchipuram silk and gold sarees, counted among the finest textiles of India and globally respected sarees.
Kanchipuram was the historical capital of the Pallavas during the 7th - 9th centuries. Most of the temples are built during Pallava period.
Kanchipuram was an ancient centre of higher learning and was the only notable city in South India for this purpose. The other ancient centres of learning that can be compared on par with Kanchi were Nalanda (in Bihar) and Taxila (now in Pakistan).