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Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Meetings Notifications

  The IQAC Committee Meetings are conducted regularly with the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor as the chair person.

IQAC Members are meeting regularly every fortnight to discuss the activities.

1. Minutes of the First Meeting of the IQAC on 07.05.2014           – PDF
2. Minutes of the Second Meeting of the IQAC on 07.08.2014
3.Minutes of IQAC meeting 14/07/2016                             
4.Mnutes of IQAC meeting 13/10/2016                                  
5.Minutes of IQAC meeting 15/02/2017                               
6.Minutes of IQAC meeting 23/08/2018 and 20/03/2019     
7.Minutes of IQAC meeting 09/09/2019   
Minutes of IQAC meeting 23/09/2020
9.Minutes of IQAC meeting 19/09/2021
10.Minutes of IQAC meeting 29/11/2021

Minutes of the IQAC Meetings (2016-17)

Meeting No    
 IQAC Committee Meeting  
2 IQAC Sub-Committee Meeting   PDF
3 IQAC Department Committee Meeting   PDF
4 IQAC Committee Meeting   PDF
5 IQAC Sub-Committee Meeting             PDF
6 IQAC Department Committee Meeting PDF
7 IQAC Committee Meeting   PDF
8 IQAC Internal VT Meeting PDF
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