Message From Registrar

All living beings in this world wish for pleasure in life and especially man with discriminative powers is always trying to achieve it. Unless we are content in our achievements pleasure is far from us. So pleasure depends upon contentment. Contentment depends upon satisfaction of needs. As economists say, wants are unlimited. We cannot fulfill all our wants. But we should be content upon the fulfillment of normal needs. Again, satisfaction of desire based on the means should be acquired and protected. Here arises the question of acquisition and protection of means. It can be achieved by efficient and proper management. In turn the same is based on experience and this experience based on knowledge and knowledge is based on learning and training under eminent personalities. To acquire such knowledge one should be free from passion, anger, jealousy, pride and inflated ego, narrow mindedness, falsehood, laziness, intolerance, hatred and so on, to develop power of understanding, remembrance and execution. This brings creative positive thinking and thus motivated individual to achieve the goal. Students trained with the above positive thinking attitude will be sought after by many organizations and we are confident that our management students trained in all environments of human values will be assets to corporate world.
Prof. Dr. G. Srinivasu
Registrar .