A detailed implementable design has been worked out for the operation and surveillance of a multi-zone ventilation system in a radiological facility. The design features an isolation of the 3-phase motor power cubicle, from the control and interlocking, by providing these features in a low voltage control circuit. The instrumentation offers the option of a well guided manual operation with interlocks, as well the option of total automation.

Realising that the field of analytical instruments calls for a synergy between the researching scientist as well as the supporting engineer, two books have been specially written, as a crystallization of long years of experience – one book orients the engineer and the other, the researching scientist.

A compendium of innovative teaching-learning aids has been brought out, wherein,

complex concepts are being driven home, with the help of analogies.

As a socially relevant theme, the University has come up with a fabrication-ready design for an automated mechanism that will pre-clean the used plates at lunch time in industrial canteens so that the person to clean the plates does not have to handle the dirty plates with refuse food. The plate comes for final cleaning after the left over food is removed by mechanization and is also water sprayed so that the plate comes with no left over food and is more dignified for the worker to handle. The mechanism is easy to set up and is not expensive.