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Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya



contact : 044-27264301,

M.E, Ph.D

Her Area of Interest lies inPower System Security, Voltage Stability, Reactive Power Control

Measurements and Instrumentation,
Electrical Machines,
Power System Analysis and Protection
Electrical Machines Lab,
Electric Circuits Lab,
Control and Measurements Lab ,
Electrical Equipment Testing Lab


1) Presented paper on “Multiagent based Load restoration” IEEE International Conference EEEE2012 on 14th &15th December 2012 at Arupadaai Veedu Institute and Technology, Kanchipuram dist.
· 2) Paper presented “Voltage Stability Prediction and Correction using Artificial Neutral Network” 2nd International conference on Competency Building Strategies in Business and Technology for Sustainable Development held on 22nd February 2013,Sri Ganesh School of Business Management, Salem .
3) Paper presented on “The Literature Review and analysis of PhotoVolatic Array and Converters” International Conference on Power Enhancing Trends in Modern Engineering , IFET College of Engineering ,Villapuram., 6th April 2013
4) Paper presented on “Comparative analysis of PhotoVolatic Cells , International Conference Recent Advancements in Power Control Engineering ,Karpaga Vinayagar College of Enginnering on April-2013.
5) Presented paper on Design And Simulation Of Distribution System Based On Multiagent System – A Smart Grid Application in National Conference on Advancement In Electrical Sciences at SNS College Of Technology on 14th February 2014
6) Presented paper on Investigation Of Wind Energy With Micro Grid Power Generator Using Battery Energy Storage For Critical Load in National Conference on Power Control And Instrumentation at Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering on 4th April 2014
7) Presented paper on Online Voltage Stability Monitoring Using Artificial Neural Network National Conference On Power Electronics Renewable & Control Systems(Nlc-Percs2014) at Dept Of EEE,Erode Sengunthar Engg. On 20th March 2014.
8) Presented paper on Design Design of Multiagent system for Distributed automation in National Conference on Recent Trends in Power Electronics and Power Systems at RMK Engineering College, Kavaraipettai on 21st April 2014
9) Paper presented on Implementation of Buck-Boost Converter with coupled inductor for PV System in the National Conference on Recent Trends in power Control, Networking Embedded Communication Engineering at Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering and Technology on 27th March 2014.
10) Attended a National Conference on Power System Emergencies at Department EEE, SCSVMV University on 12th December 2013.
11) Paper Presented on “Voltage Stability Assessment of Large power Systems and Identification of Week state Buses , National Conference on Electrical, Information and Communication Engineering 2012, 02 March 2013.
12) Organising Chairman, CSIR Sponsored National Conference on Power System Emergencies- NPSEC-2012, on 12.12.2012 @SCSVMV University


1) Paper published on “Auto-Mobile Vehicle Direction in Road Traffic using Artificial Neutral Networks”, ” International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications(IJAIA)Vol.4,No.4 July 2013.
2) Published Paper on Implementation of Buck-Boost Converter with coupled inductor for PV System in the International Journal of Research and Technology, Volume -2 Issue-2, April-June 2014.
3) Paper published on “Negotiating Transmission Line Congestion Problems by Optimized Load Shedding Strategy” International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 58– No.18, November 2012.
4) Paper published on “Flexible AC Transmission Devices as a means for Transmission Line Congestion Management –A Bibliographical Survey” International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering ,ISSN No:2331-2307,volume 3 issue1 Page No.229-234, March 05 2013.
5) Paper Published “Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of TCSC and UPFC FACTS Controllers, International Journal on Computer Applications ISSN.No.0975-8887 , 18th April 2013.
6) “Improved SVC for 400/230 KV Substation, Pykara, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board “Electrical India, Volume 40, October 2000.
7) “Harmonic Disturbances in Power systems”,issue 10,EngineeringToday, Oct 1999.
8) “Effects of Harmonic Disturbances in Electric Equipments”, Engineering today, issue 10, Oct 1999.
9) “Voltage security studies using vanishing Eigen values”, Journal of Central Power Research Institute, September 2006.
10) “Voltage Security using Vanishing Eigen values “, ICFAI Journal of Electrical engineering (communicated, under peer review).
11) “Intelligent Control of OLTC Operations for Voltage Security”, Indian Research Review Organisation in May 2010.
12) “Switching of Shunt Capacitor by using Fuzzy-Expert Systems”, Indian Research Review in August 2010.
13) “Co-ordination of Research Power Controllers using Fuzzy-Expert System”, Indian Research Review in August 2010.
14) “Knowledge based Monitoring of Voltage Security”, Indian Research Review, in May 2010

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