JAGRUTI - electronic Journal of Archaeo-lingual Global interdisciplinary Researches from University of Kanchipuram - Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya (SCSVMV University), Enathur, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu on southern part of India.

Jagruti is a Sanskrit word, which denotes awakening. JAGRUTI is an instrument to awaken the research activities in different areas throughout globe, to bring on a common plat form, accessible to all corners and preserve to the future generations. Experimental searches in different fields are transferring from generation to generation is the motto of the journal. Electronic media is not only easy accessible in the present scenario but also connecting to all corners of the scholarly world within no time.

Object - Heritage is recognized as being vitally important to sustainability. Heritage reflects our ongoing relationship with the environment and plays a role in defining modern culture and identity. It is not thus simply concerned with the past but is about balancing conservation and change today and in the future. Sustainability is best understood through long-term perspectives on the interactions of people and environment. This reflexive relationship is crucial to inform future practice and research in sustainable development and cultural environment management, and for promoting cultural diversity, sustainability literacy and education. Heritage is embedded in place and forms a strong link between humans and local landscapes. Heritage thus provides an important avenue to place based learning, education for sustainability, and developing a genuine sense of stewardship and management for the long term future. With ever diminishing resources, especially with respect to the impacts of climate change, there is now a real need for innovation in methods of assessing, monitoring, and valuing heritage, for developing new approaches to education and heritage and, moreover, for critically appraising what the past can contribute to the future sustainability of society.

This interdisciplinary electronic Journal will bring together academics and practitioners to discuss and critically analyze Heritage and Sustainability through the recent researches across the world in various challenging fields like evolution, environment, anthropology, earth sciences, material culture, Rock art, Art & Architecture, Epigraphy & numismatics, Linguistics & literature, Science & technologies, Celestial & applied science, Regional contracts, Religion, Trade & commerce, Heritage & resource management, Heritage in education, Conservation & preservation, Tourism, etc., broad areas and related topics.

Further, electronic media is more economic and easy accessible to all throughout globe in the present electronic era and save time & paper.