SCSVMV Deemed to be University

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya


M.E., (Applied Electronics) Ph.D


Digital Electronics
Analog Electronics
Signals &systems
Control systems
Digital signal processing
Microprocessor & Microcontroller
Digital communication
VLSI Design
Satellite communication & Broadcasting
Optical communication


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FDPs,Seminars and workshops

1)“ENABLING GURU”-organized by L&T INFO TECH, CHENNAI, from 07-02-2008 to 08-02- 2008.
2) One Day Workshop On HNIDI organized by SCSVMV UNIVERSITY on 30-03-2009
3) One Day Workshop On “FPGA Based System Design Using Altera Tools organized by- VIT UNIVERSITY, Vellore on 05-09-2009.
4) One Day Workshop on “Writing Scientific Proposals And Papers For Quality Research” Organized By SCSVMV UNIVERSITY On 14-02-2013.
5) One Day Workshop On”MATLAB and its applications” organized by SCSVMV UNIVERSITY on 06-09-2013.
6) One Day Workshop On” Recent Trends In Curriculum Design And Development” organized by SCSVMV UNIVERSITY on 25-01-2014.
7) one day awareness program on”SHODHGANGA AND ANTI PLAGIARISM Software” organized by SCSVMV UNIVERSITY on 26-03-2014.
8) One Day Workshop On” SCILAB” organized by SCSVMV UNIVERSITY on 09-09-2014.
9) Faculty Development Program on “EMBEDDED SYSTEMS” –organized by IEEE student branch, SCSVMV University from 19-09-2014 to 20-09-2014.
10) one day seminar on “Enhancement of Quality in Higher Education –Role of Teachers” organized by IQAC, SCSVMV University from 30-01-2015.
11) One Day Workshop On” EMBEDDED SYSTEMS” organized by Pallavan college engineering on 25-07-2015.
12) Short term program on “Securing Networks through Firewall VPN &IPS” organized by SCSVMV UNIVERSITY from 27-07-2015 to 31-07-2015.
13) Faculty Development Program on” Recent Trends &Tools In Modern Wireless &Digital Communication Networks” organized by SCSVMV UNIVERSITY from 27-06-2016 to 01-07-2016.
14) Short term program on “Wireless and Mobile Communication through ICT” organized by NIITTR, Chandigarh, from 03-10-2016 to 07-10-2016.
15) One day seminar on “Emerging trends in pure and applied mathematics” organized by SCSVMV University 24-02-2017.
16) Short term program on “Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Using Blue Ocean Strategies through ICT” organized by NIITTR, Chandigarh, from 07-11-2016 to11-11-2016.
17) Short term program on “Tools for Engineering Research through ICT” organized by NIITTR, Chandigarh, from 30-01-2017 to 03-02-2017.

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