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Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya

Dept of Mathematics - PhD Scholars

S.No.Name of the ScholarGuideTitleDate 
1R.Ganapathy RamanDr. R.Sattanathan“Circular Chromatic Number of Deleted Vertex Subgraph”22-10.2010
2Y.B.VenkatakrishnanDr. V.Swaminathan“Studies in Bipartite Theory of Graphs” 27.01.2011
3G.UthraDr. R.Sattanathan
“Risk And Confidence Analysis for Fuzzy Mcdm And Fuzzy pert using Trapezoidal Numbers”
4G.JayalalithaDr. R.Uthayakumar
“Mathematical Modeling in Biology- Using Fractals”
5S.LavanyaDr. R.Sattanathan
“A Study on Coloring of Graphs in Fuzzy Environment”
6Dr. V.ValliammalDr. Muthucumarasamy
“Studies on Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate in the Presence of Heat and Mass Transfer
with Chemical Reaction”
7Dr. M.MuthusamyDr. T.Venugopal “A Study on Strongly Multiplicative Labeling by using some graph operations”
8Shantha Kumari. KDr. T.M.Vasudevan Nambisan“Investigations in I-functions of Two and
Several Complex Variables”
9M. K. BalajiDr. T.Venugopal“A Study of Certain Analytical Properties of Some Subclasses of Presentar like Functions
with Negative Coefficients”
10N. HemaDr. A.JayalakshmiMathematical Modelling of Pricing Commodity Derivatives with Fuzzy Set Theory Applications”21/09/2015
11Dr Prathima.Dr. T.M.Vasudevan Nambisan“Investigations in Integral Transforms Involving I-function of ‘r’ Complex Variables”25/09/2015
12 K. RajendranDr. T.VenugopalFast Frequent Sub Graph Mining on Transactionized Graph Data”30/09/2015
13 K.Lakshmi Priya Dr. S.Chandra“Optimization Models For Trainees Managemet in Manpower Planning”25/02/2016
14J.Sengamalaselvi Dr. T.Venugopal“A Study on Effectiveness of ICT with Geogebra and Winplot as Learning Tools20/10/2016
15R.MalatthiDr. T.VenugopalDesign of Knowledge Discovery and Decision Support System Using Jaina Logic21/10/2016
16T.N.KavithaDr. A.JayalakshmiSemigroups with Special Algebraic Structures25/10/2016
17Gajendran. GDr. T.VenugopalGeogebra and Winplot as Learning Tools20/02/2017
18Gayathri. ADr. T.Venugopal“Mathematical And Experimental Studies On Wave Propagation In Few Liquid And Solid
Systems With Special Reference To Traditional Practices In Hindu Temples”
19Vijaya Barathi. SProf.Dr.K.SrinivasaRao“Formalistic Filiations Of Pre A*-Algebra With Boolean Algebra”06/04/2017
20A.DhanalakshmiProf.Dr.K.SrinivasaRao“Graph Theoretical Characterization Of Some Chemical Structures For Finding Topological
Indices As Molecular Descriptors
21N. SaradhaDr. V. SwaminathanStudies in Graph Theory with Special Reference to Equivalence Sets02/04/2018
22Pramila. KDr. G.UthraRanking the Alternatives with Risk Analysis and
Confidence Levels in Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision
Making (FMCDM)
23D.VijayalakshmiProf.Dr.K.SrinivasaRaoApplication of graph theoretical concepts in protein analysis23/04/2018
24R.MageswariProf.Dr.K.SrinivasaRaoStudy of protein characteristics using graph
theoretical techniques and contact maps
25Radhakrishnan .V. KDr. T.VenugopalDevelopment of Optimal Network Model for Tourism and Queueing Management in Temples
with Case Studies on Kanchipuram
26R.ParthasarathiDr. P.K.SrimaniMush Convection Under Constraints 05-09-2018
27Ms. V. PrabaDr. V. Swaminathan,
“A Study of Different Types of Vertex Set Partition in a Graph”25.02.2019 
28Mr.M.AyyampillaiDr. V. Swaminathan,
“A Study of Equitable secure and Strong Domination and their Variations in a Graph”08.03.2019 
29Mr.R.GuruviswanathanDr. V. Swaminathan,
“Studies in graph theory with reference to the concept of support of a vertex”15.04.2019 
30Ms. S. Indira PriyadarshiniProf. Dr.T.Venugopal,  “Modeling and Solving Transportation and Distribution Problems in Wholesale  Fruits and Vegetable Markets with Case Studies at Arakkonam Market”25.04.2019 
31A.KanchanaProf.Dr.K.SrinivasaRaoFraming, Designing and Minimizing the circuit using Boolean Function in different ways08.07.2019 
32G.Vijayalakshmi Prof. Dr.L.AnandBabu,Numerical Study of MHD Boundary Layer Flow and Heat and Mass Transfer Problems – A Keller Box Approach30.07.2019 
33V.Ramamani Dr.N.Pankaja Astronical Significance of Inscriptions While Making Grants07.01.2020  
34T.Shanthi Dr.N.Pankaja Weights and Measures from Tamil Epigraphs- A Mathematical Approach07.01.2020  
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