SCSVMV Deemed to be University

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya



Automobile and heat power Engineering Lab
Infrared 5 Gas Analyser—Multi Cylinder Morse Test Petrol Engine—Say Bolt and Redwood Viscometer—Solid,Liquid and Gaseous Fuel Calorimeter—Variety of Automobile Components Cut Section Models—Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Test, Test Rig—Cooling Tower Test Rig

Basic Workshop ( Fitting & Carpentry)
24 Fitting Work Table—24 Fitting Work Table—24 Carpentry work Table—Vertical Drilling Machine—Bandsaw Cutting Machine—Shear Cutting Machine—Wood Planner Machine—Wood Cutting Machine—Bench Grinding Machine

2 HP Proliant Server—20 HP Work Station—19 HCL Work Station—Licensed AutoCad -2D Modelling Softwares—Licensed Inventor-3D Modelling Softwares—Licensed CATIA-3D Modelling Softwares—Licensed CREO Elements/Pro 3D Modelling Software—Licensed ANSYS-FEA Softwares

Jyoti 2 Axis Turning Center—MTAB XLTURN—SIEMENS Sinumeric Controller Trainer—1 IBM Server—10 HP Work Station—10 HCL Work Station—Licensed EdgeCam Softwares—CNC Tutor – Funuc Turning Software—CNC Tutor – Funuc Milling Software

Energy and Environmental Lab
Solar Flat Plate Collector—Solar Concentric Plat Collector—Solar Pond—Fuel Cell Test Rig—Exhaust Gas Analyser—Bio-Gas Fuel Engine—Noise Testing

Instrumentation and Dynamics Lab
Dynamic Balancing Machine—Universal Governor Apparatus—Cam Analysis Apparatus—Journal Bearing Apparatus—Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Calibration Tester—Vibration Lab Setup—Piezoelectric Accelerator and Vibrometer—Lathe and Drilling Tool Dynamometer

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery lab
Wind Tunnel Test Rig—Bernoullis Apparatus—-Orifice and Venturimeter—Nozzle Apparatus—Notches Apparatus—Flow through Pipes Apparatus—Buoyancy Equipment—Reciprocating Pump Test Rig—Centrifugal Pump Test Rig—Gear Pump Test Rig—Jet Pump Test Rig—Submersible Pump Test Rig—Francis Turbine Test Rig—kaplan Turbine Test Rig—Pelton wheel Turbine Test Rig

Heat transfer Labe
Thermal Conducting of Insulating Powder Apparatus—Heat Transfer through Composite Wall Apparatus—Heat Transfer in Forced and Natural Convection Apparatus—Heat Transfer from Pin Fin Apparatus—Parallel Flow / Counter Flow Heat Exchanger—Stefan Boltzman Apparatus—Thermal Conductivity of Metal Bar—EmissivityMeasurement Apparatus—Shell and tube Heat exchanger—Water Cooling Tower Test Rig

Special Machines Lab
Universal Milling Machine—Gear Hobber—Capstan Lathe—All Gear Lathe—Heavy Duty Lathe—Shaping Machine—Slotting Machine—Center less Grinder—Cylindrical Grinder—Surface Grinder—Tool & Cutter Grinder—Radial Drilling Machine

Manufacturing lab
Mini Cupola Furnace—Crucible Furnace—Sand Muller—Universal sand Strength machine—MIG Welding—TIG Welding—Arc Welding—GAS Welding

Mechatronics Lab
ARISTO 6XT ROBOT—Multi Process Stabilizer —LSM Controller & PLC—Electro Pneumatic Kit—Hydraulic Trainer kit—Robo X Software—H Simulator Software—P Simulator Software—Simens Logo PLC Software—Lab view software

Metallurgy Lab
Heat Treatment Furnace—Disc Polishing Machine—Jominy End quench Apparatus—Metatlograph Specimen Mounting Press—Metallurgical Microscope with Microphotography

Metrology Lab
Autocollimator—Mitutoyo surface roughness tester—Mitutoyo Screw Thread Micrometer—Mitutoyo slip Gauges —Mitutoyo Vernier Height Gauge —Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer —Mitutoyo Digital Comparator—Tool Makers Microscope —Profile Projector

Strength of Materials Lab
Universal Testing Machine—Impact Testing Machine—Tensile Testing Machine—Spring Testing Machine—Wood Testing Machine—Brinell Hardness Tester—Vickers Hardness testing Machine—Fatigue Testing Machine —Rockwell Hardness Tester

Thermal Engineering Lab
Computer based diesel engine setup—Multi cylinder Diesel Engine test rig with Electric Dynamometer—Multi Cylinder 4 Stroke 4 cylinder Petrol Engine—Centrifugal Air Blower—Air Compressor —Diesel Engine —Refrigeration Trainer—Air Conditioning Trainer —AVL 5 Gas analyzer

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