I.Provide engineering insight to problem solving to succeed in Technical Profession through precise education and to prepare students to excel in postgraduate programs.
II.To provide students with fundamental knowledge and ability to expertise in Computer Science and Engineering.
III.Prepare students with good scientific and engineering breadth so as to analyze, design and create products, solutions to problems in the area of Computer Science and Engineering.
IV.To inculcate in students professional, effective communication skills, team work, multidisciplinary approach and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.
V.Prepare students to be aware of excellence, leadership, written ethical codes and guidelines and lifelong learning needed for successful professional career by providing them with an excellent academic environment.


Graduating students of computer science and engineering programme will be able to
(a)Apply basic principles and practices of computing grounded in mathematics and science to successfully complete software related projects to meet customer business Objective(s) and/or productively engage in research.
(b)Apply their knowledge and skills to succeed in a computer science career and/or obtain an advanced degree.
(c)Demonstrate an ability to use techniques, skills, and modern computing tools to implement and organize computing works under given constraints.
(d)Demonstrate problem solving and design skills including the ability to formulate problems and their solutions, think creatively and communicate effectively.
(e)Develop software as per the appropriate software life cycle model.
(f)Organize and maintain the information of an organization.
(g)Exhibit teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills which enable them to work effectively with interdisciplinary teams.
(h)Provide an excellent education experience through the incorporation of current pedagogical techniques, understanding of contemporary trends in research and technology, and hands-on laboratory experiences that enhance the educational experience.
(i)Demonstrate an ability to engage in life-long learning.
(j)Function ethically and responsibly, and to remain informed and involved as full participants in our profession and our society.

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