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To support with required facilities and Infrastructure
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Information Systems
Knowledge Based Systems
Software Engineering
Data Communication
Systems Software
Distributed Computing
Image Processing and Multimedia
Data Mining
Database Management Systems
Web Applications
Mobile Communication



M.Phil Complete list upto Dec’2018


Canditate NameGuideTitleMonth & Year
George Louis Raja ADr.F.Sagayaraj FrancisComstruction of Lexicons from Semantically Clustered Text Documents and their partial OrderFeb’2019
Saul Nicholas.JDr.F.Sagayaraj FrancisAnalysis and Amelioration of E-Learning Recommender SystemsFeb’2019
Ms.S.ManimegalaiDr.S.Santhosh BabuCyper Forensic Detection for Multi-Tenant Web Hosting in Cloud EnvironmentMay’2018
Ms.G.ThailambalDr.Ananthi SheshasaayeeA Parameterized Prototype Model Pattern Matching Tool for Noiseless Text Mining in Journal DatabasesAug’2018
Ms.D.SrideviDr.Ananthi SheshasaayeeDesign of Prototype Model on Efficient Regionalisation Techniques Using Clustering AlgorithmsSep’2018
Ms.J.V.N. LakshmiDr.Ananthi SheshasaayeeA Framework Model on Big Data Analytics Using Machine Learning Techniques for Prodiction on DatasetsSep’2018
Mr.R.KarthikeyanDr.S.PrakasamPerformance Analysis of BER and O-Factor in OFDM – Rof System Using QAM Based ModulationSep’2018
Mrs.Vidhya.SDr.K.ChitraAn Efficient and Secure Format Preserving Encryption Scheme Based on Advanced Encryption StandardFeb’2017
Mr.L.RajeshDr.V.ShanthiEnhanced Web Crawler Design using Content-Based Mining for Indian Educational Province SitesAug’2017
Mr.S.BabuDr.N.R.AnanthanarayananEnhancing the Performance of the Classifiers for Customer Churn Analysis in Telecommunication using EmoteOct’2017
Mrs.M.V.KumudavalliDr.P.K.SrimaniAdvanced Optimality Techniques for Phylogenetic Tree Problems under Deifferent Scenario and Computational toolsJan’2016
Mr.T.Nirmal RajDr.S.RajalakshmiAn effective and enhanced QoS based approach for an Intelligent Vertical Handoff Management in 4G networksFeb’2016
Mr.Ranbijay KumarDr.S.RajalakshmiInfluence & Enhancement of Mobile Sensor Cloud Computing (MSCC) in Large EcosystemsApr’2016
Ms.Nanditha PrasadDr.P.K.SrimaniSatellite Image Classification Under Different SpecificationsApr’2016
Mr.P.RamachandranDr.N.GirijaDetection and Prevention of Cancer Using Data Warehousing and Data Mining TechniquesAug’2016
Mrs.R.BuvanaDr.R.Kalaimagal,Improve the Maximum Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks Using New Routing Protocol with Energy Efficient RoutingSep’2016
Mr.L.RajaDr.S.Santhosh BabuA Study on Reactive Routing Protocols using various Simulation Parameters in Mobile Ad-hoc NetworksOct’2016
Mr.K.TajudinDr.S.Santhosh BabuSpatio Temporal Real Time Data Analysis of Moving Object Using Color and Shape for Tropical StormOct’2016
Mrs.R.AnandhiDr.K.ChitraOptimization of Transaction Processing in Cloud Computing DatabseMay’2015
Mr.R.AnandProf.Dr.S.K.SrivatsaA Data Mining Framework for Building a Healthcare Information SystemSep’2015
Mr.P.XaierDr.F.Sagayaraj FrancisImprovements to the Working Principles of R*-Trees in Distributed EnvironmentSep’2015
Mr.M.Maria DominicDr.F.Sagayaraj FrancisA Melioration of an Adaptive e-Learning System Based on Learners’ ProfilingSep’2015
Mr.S.PrabhakaranDr.Lakshmi RajamaniA Novel Algorithm for Hieratchy GenerationOct’2015
Mr.Ramesh HegdeDr.P.K.SrimaniComparison and Analysis of Face Changes by Using Image Processing TechniquesOct’2015
Mr.P.Suresh BabuDr.K.RamarCurrent IT Challenges at Various Business Vericals and Ways to Resolve them using Emerging TechnologiesMay’2014
V.RameshDr.K.RamarDesign of Mulidimensional Data Model for the Study of Data MiningTechniques in AgricultureAug’2014
N.MuraliDr.R.J.RamasreeUnderstanding of Elementary Sanskrit Test at Word, Phrase and Sentence LevelSep’2014
M.KannanDr.K.VivekanandanA Study on the Intentions of Attrition Among Information Technology Professionals in ChennaiSep’2014
G.N.K.SureshbabuProf.Dr.S.K.SrivatsaOn an Efficient web caching and prefetching algorithm to improve web performanceOct’2013
K.R.AnandapadmanabanProf.Dr.S.K.SrivatsaAutomatic Extraction of proper names and keywords and applying clustering Technique for the web documentOct’2013
S.KrishnaswamyDr.K.RamarConvergence of Process Framework for Business Life Cycle in Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Service IndustryJan’2012
V.Prasanna KumariDr.Easwar KumarMultimedia database systems-digital watermarkingFeb’2011
S.PrakasamDr.R.M.SureshEnhancing E-Learning System Using Multi- Agent ArchitectureOct’2011
N.R.AnanthanarayananProf.Dr.S.K.SrivatsaSimplified E-learning: An approach towards Semantic Web and MISOct’2011
G.ArutchelvanProf.Dr.S.K.SrivatsaFuzzy Time Series forecasting using mean Based PartitioningOct’2011
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