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Name of the Guest Lecture Title of the Lecture Date
Dr. S. Srinivasan, Associate Professor of Physics, Presidency College, Cheenai Webinar on Oxide Based Nano fluids for Heat Transfer Applications 20-04-2024
Prof. Dr. S. Muthu, Professor & Head of Physics, Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G.R. Government Arts and Science College Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram Guest Lecture on Basics of Spectroscopic Investigations of Materials 29-03-2024
Prof. Dr. N. Kanagathara, Professor of Physics, Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai National Science Day – 2024 28-02-2024
Dr. T.K. Sundaramurthy, Scientist & Mission Director (Retd.), ISRO, Govt. of India National Seminar on Human Space Mission 14-12-2023
Dr. A.L. Roy Vellaisamy, Professor of Intelligent Systems, James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow “Research to Realization” – From molecular level interaction to real-time monitoring electronic systems 29-06-2022
Prof. P.V.Ramachandran, Purdue University, USA International Seminar on “Boron for Batteries to Bacteria” 3/12/2019
Dr. Anita Aggarwal, Scientist-“E”, Instrumentation Development Programme, Technology Development & Transfer Division, Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi The importance of promoting research oriented programmes and activities for the betterment of India 04-03-2019
Dr.A.L.Roy Vellaisamy, Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engg., City University of Hong Kong Artificial brain for Artificial Intelligence and Sensors 08-02-2019
Dr. T.Gnanasekaran, Director, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Centre for Advanced Research, SCSVMV Tailoring semiconducting oxides for chemical Sensor applications 27-02-2019
Prof. Dr. Kedar Singh, Professor of Physics, School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi Quantum Dots for Next-Generation Photovoltaic Solar cells 27-12-2018
Prof. Kwang-pill leeResearch institute of advanced energy technology, KNU, Daegu, South Korea Development of Novel Functional Gels for Environmental Applications 25-06-2018
Prof.Dr.M. Sivanandham, Visiting Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology, SVCE, Sriperumbudur, Chennai Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering 25-06-2018
Prof. P.V.Ramachandran, Purdue University, USA Stereodefined synthesis of fluorinated alkenes 25-06-2018
Dr.O.Senthilkumar Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam Comparing the use of silicon and plasticchips in incubation type planar patch clamp 25-06-2018
Dr.S.Karthikeyan,[Ph.D from University of Twente, Netherlands]Madras Christian College, Chennai Electrochemical Synthesis of various Metal Oxides and Platinum for Hydrogen fuel cells 25-06-2018
Dr.K.Vijayarangamuthu, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, Pondicherry University Graphene and related materials: Synthesis and Applications 26-06-2018
Dr.K.S.Kiran, Department of Physics,School of Engineering and Technology, Jain university, Bangalore Crystal and Molecular docking studies of biscyclohexyldiols with focal adhesion kinase inhibitors 26-06-2018
Dr. T. K. Sundaramurthy, Mission Director (Retd.) & Consultant, Communication and Meteorological Spacecraft, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore Glimpses of Indian Space Program -Past, Present and Future 25-01-2018
Prof.Dr.Ramasamy Murugan, Professor and Head, Department of Physics, Pondicherry University Instrumentation for Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Functional Materials 12-03-2018
Prof. K.C.Srinivas, Director, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Centre for Advanced Research (SJCAR) Scientific Instruments as Import Substitutes / affordable options to Educational Institutions – an initiative of SCSVMV Deemed University 12-03-2018
Prof. Robert Li, Professor & Associate Dean, City University of Hong Kong From Student to Becoming a    Professional – Education and Opportunities in Hongkong 02-03-2017
Prof. Vincent Chi-Chiu Ko , Asso.Professor, City University of Hong Kong Luminescent Transition Metal Complexes: Photophysics, Photocatalysis and Device Application 02-03-2017
Dr.N.ArunaiNambi Raj, Professor, Centre for Biomaterials, Cellular and Molecular Theranostics (CBCMT), VIT University, Vellore Kidney stones: Inside and Out 02-03-2017
Dr.NarayanaKalkura, Director, Crystal Growth Centre, Anna University Synthesis of nano crystalline calcium phosphate based bio-ceramic composites  for tissue engineering and drug delivery 02-03-2017
Prof.ALRoyVellaisamy, Dept. of Materials Science, City University of Hong Kong Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy – A tool to identify chemical substances 03-03-2017
Prof. Jonathan Wylie, , Dept. of Materials Science, City University of Hong Kong Stretching of Viscous Threads 03-03-2017
Prof. Michael Lam,  Asst. Dean, City University of Hong Kong Photo-triggered Traceless Staudinger-Bertozzi Ligation Reaction as a Versatile Bio-conjugation Tool 03-03-2017
Dr.B.Sridhar, Senior Scientist,CSIR-IICT X-ray crystallography and its applications in solid 03-03-2017
Dr.S.Karpagam,  Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, School of Advanced Sciences, VIT University, Vellore Tunable Photoluminescence Of  Carbazole Based Quinoline Conjugated Polymer by Dopingcds Quantum Dot  and Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) 03-03-2017
Dr.ArthiMuley, Dept. of Physics, SIES college , Mumbai Photoluminescence in various phases of CerrousSulphate 03-03-2017
Prof. Dr. VijaysarathyBharadwajfromAstrophysics and Cosmology Research Unit, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa An introduction to Astrophysics: From planets to galaxy clusters 10-01-2017
Dr.Arun Prathap, Applied Physics Department, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Basic Concepts of Physics and The AP-Index: Within and Beyond 09-11-2017
Prof.Dr.P.V.Ramachandran, Professor of Organic Chemistry, Purdue University,USA Amino boron and Applications 09-08-2017
Prof. Dr. A.L.Roy Vellaisamy, Department of Physics and Materials Science, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Functional materials for energy harvesting and Opto-electronics 29-11-2016
Prof. Dr.K.K.R. Datta (Formerly with Palacky University, Czech Republic) SRM Research Institute, SRM University, Chennai Functional Nanomaterials: Fluorographene Hybrids and Yellow Emitting Carbon Dots 29-11-2016
Prof. Dr.S.Uthanna, Professor, Dept. of Physics, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati Preparation and Characterization of Thin films – An overview on Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films 26-10-2016
Dr. K.J. Sreeram, Principal Scientist, Head-Integrated Chemical/Physical Testing Lab, Scientist-in-charge –Centralized Sophisticated Instruments Laboratory, CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai Characterizing the Nano-particles: Challenges and Opportunities 26-10-2016
Dr. V.G Sridharan, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Overseas Academic Opportunities 05-10-2016
Prof. Dr.S.Narayana Kalkura, Director, Crystal Growth centre, Anna University, Chennai Investigations on Nano Bio materials 09-09-2016
Prof. Dr.S.Uthanna, Professor of Physics, Sri Venkateswara University Recent Advances in Solar Cells and Applications 09-09-2016
Prof.C.V.Venkatakrishnan,  (formerly with SIES College, Mumbai) Futuristic Nano Materials 09-09-2016
Prof. Dr. S.Gunasekaran, Dean (R & D), St. Peter’s University, Chennai Fundamentals of Physics 20-07-2016
Prof. Dr. S. Jerome Das, Professor of Physics, Loyola College, Chennai Fundamentals of Electronics 20-07-2016
Prof. Dr. M.N.Ponnusamy,CSIR Emeritus Scientist, Centre of Advanced Study in Crystallography and Biophysics, University of Madras, Chennai The life history and works of Sir.C.V.Raman 21-03-2016
Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi, Nobel Laureate (2010, Chemistry), Purdue University, USA Modern Synthetic Chemistry – Approaches & Achievements 18-02-2016
Dr. T. Gnanasekaran, Chief Scientist & Associate Director (Retd.), Raja Ramanna Fellow, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. Principles of thermal and electrochemical characterization of materials 06-11-2015
Dr. Sheela Berchmans, Chief Scientist and Head Electronics & Electrocatalysis Division, CSIR – CECRI, Karaikudi. Electroanalytical Instrumentation for Physical Sciences 06-11-2015
Prof. Dr. S.Gunasekaran, Dean (R & D), St. Peter’s University, Chennai Applications of Physics in daily life 23-10-2015
Prof. Dr. S. Jayakumar, Associate Professor of Physics, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Mylapore, Chennai. Applications of Physics in daily life 23-10-2015
Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao, Associate Professor of Mathematics, SCSVMV University. Basics of MATLAB 19-09-2015


National Workshop on Basics of MATLAB – 2014 Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao, Associate Professor of Mathematics, SCSVMV University

Third National Workshop on Instrumentation Techniques in Physics [PINTECH’ 14] Dr. Srinivas Kota, Chief Scientist & Scientist in-charge, Central Scientific Instruments Organization, CSIR Madras complex, Chennai Prof. Dr.S.Gunasekaran, Dean (R&D), St.Peter’s University, Chennai Special seminar on “Crystallography and its Applications” Prof. Dr. M.N.Ponnusamy,CSIR Emeritus Scientist,Centre of Advanced Study in Crystallography and Biophysics, University of Madras, Chennai


Prof. Veeraragavan Ramachandran of Purdue University, USA Prof. T.S. Natarajan, IIT Chennai, Dr. C.V. Natarajan, Director, TESSOL, Bangalore, Profs. Aithal and Thukkaram from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Dr. Srinivasan, Scientist, CECRI, Karaikudi, Dr. Pathinettam Padiyan,Professor of Physics, Manonmaniam Sundaranar Unviersity, Tirunelveli, Dr. B.V.R.Tata, Scientific Officer, IGCAR, Kalpakkam Dr. S. Gunasekaran, Research Dean, St.Peter’s University, Chennai


National Seminar on Frontier Areas of Spectrophysics (NASFAS 2013) Prof. Dr. S. Gunasekaran, President, Indian Spectrophysics Association , Head, PG Dept. of Physics, Pachiyappa’s College for Men, Chennai National Science Day – 13 Dr. S. Natarajan, Former Professor of Physics & Dean, Anna University, Chennai Prof. Dr. A.L. Roy Vellaisamy, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics & Material Science, City University of Hong Kong.


International Workshop on Advanced topics in Chemistry and Physics (IWATCP-2012) Prof. Dr. V.V. Kokovkin, Novosibirsk State University, Russia Prof. Dr. Elisaveta Lider, Novosibirsk State University, Russia Prof. Dr. Ludmila Lavrenova, Novosibirsk State University, Russia Prof. Dr. Igor Mironov, Novosibirsk State University, Russia Prof. Dr. Wiwat Wongkokua, Kasetsart University, Thailand Dr. P. Palanichamy, Scientist, NDE Division, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India. Dr. V. Meenakshisundaram, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India. Prof. Dr. Dharani Sundaram, Federal University of Mato Grosso, Cuiaba, Brazil Prof. C.V. Venkata Krishnan, SIES College of Arts & Science , Mumbai National Science Day -12 Chief Guest Dr. Prabhat Kumar, Project Director, Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited (BHAVINI), Kalpakkam

National Workshop on Modern Physical & Chemical Instrumentation Techniques (PCINTECH’2012) Prof. Dr. A. Varadarajulu, CSIR Emeritus Scientist, Dept. of Polymer Science & Technology, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur (A.P) Shri G. Padmanaban, General Manager, Business Unit, Analyzing & Testing, NETZSCH Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai Prof.K.C. Srinivas, Director (Advanced Research Centre) Prof. Dr. S. Gunasekaran, President, Indian Spectrophysics Association , Head, PG Dept. of Physics, Pachiyappa’s College for Men, Chennai Dr. K.Sivakumar, Sr. Asst. Professor of Chemistry, SCSVMV Dr. V.Mani, Scientist-E (Additional Director Grade), Head, Ultra High Pure Nano Electronic Materials & Systems Development Division, Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Hyderabad
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