SCSVMV Deemed to be University

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya


Ph.D Awarded

S.No. Name of the Candidate Name of the Guide Title of the Thesis Date of Viva-Voce
1 Dr.S.Seshadri Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectroscopic Analysis In Pharmaceutical Science and its Importance 31-01-2008
2 Dr.S.Kumaresan Dr.S.Gunasekaran Vibrational Spectral Studies on Some Anticance Rows Drugs 26-06-2009
3 Dr.K.Venkatramanan Dr.V.Arumugam Viscosity And Ultrasonic Studies on Polypropylene Glycol,Poly Ethylene Glycol and Their Blends. 09-09-2010
4 Dr.S.Balakrishnan Dr.R.Palani Ultrasonics Studies on molecular interactions of three component systems of electrolytes and non -electrolytes 27-12-2011
5 Dr.S.Kalavathy Dr.R.Palani Physico –Chemical and Ultrasonic Studies on Molecular Interactions in Ternary Mixtures of Liquids and Biomolecules 02-02-2012
6 Dr.G.Anand Dr.S.Gunasekaran Investigation on the Growth and Characterization of some semi organic non linear Optical Crystals 09-04-2012
7 Dr.A.Rajalkshmi Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectral Analysis of Veterinary Vaccines on Animals 17-09-2012
8 Dr.A.Bright Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectrometric Analysis on Some Pharmaceutical and Biological Materials 12-12-2012
9 Dr.A,Christy Ferdinand Dr.D.Manikandan Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Nanoclusters in Dielectric Matrix 26-04-2013
10 Dr.J.Uma Maheswari Dr.S.Muthu Density Functional Theory Solutions and Vibrational Spectral Investigation of Certain Pharmaceutically Important Molecules 29-09-2014
11 Dr.T.Gnanasambandan Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectroscopic Investigation on Some Pharmaceutical Materials 10-10-2014
12 Dr.K.Rajalakshmi Dr.S.Gunasekaran Spectroscopic and Molecular Structural Investigations on Antibiotic and Antituberculosis Formulations 19-11-2014
13 Dr. N. Swarnalatha Dr. S. Gunasekaran Spectroscopic Investigation and Quantum Chemical Calculations on some Hypertension and Psoriasis Pharmaceutical formulations 20-07-2016
14 Dr. R.Raja Dr.S.Seshadri Growth,Spectroscopic and Non-linear Optical Analysis on some Organic and Doped crystals 17-02-2017
15 Dr. N.S.Subha shree Dr.S.Jayakumar Molecular Intraction Studies of Some Industrially Impartant Liquids and Liquid Mixtures 23-08-2017
16 Dr. B.Latha Dr.S.Gunasekaran Molecular Dynamics of Some Pharmacentical Materials Used for Hypertension 26-10-2017
17 Dr. V.Ragavenderan Dr.S.Muthu Natesan Density Functional Theory Studies and Vibrational Spectroscopic Investigations of Some Polyatomic Molecues 08-11-2017
18 Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan Dr.S.Seshadri Spectroscopic Investigations and Quantum Computational Analysis on Some Immuno Viral Compounds 02-03-2018
19 Dr. R.K.Raj Dr.S.Gunasekaran Experimental and Computational studies on Molecular Structure and Vibrational Analysis of Coumarin and Its Derivatives 04-10-2018
20 Dr. R.Padmanaban Dr.K.Venkatramanan Molecular Interaction and Miscibility Studies of Few Polymer Blends 25-10-2018
21 Dr. J. Suganthi Dr. S. Johnson Jeyakumar A Study on the Variation of Properties of TiO2 Thin Films at Different Metal Dopings 10-05-2021
22 Dr. M. Rashmi Dr.K.Venkatramanan Synthesis and Characterization of few Metal-oxide and Magnetic Nanofluids for Environmental and Bio-medical Applications 29-04-2022
23 Dr. Nellore Manoj Kumar Dr.K.Venkatramanan A Study on the Characteristics of Clouds using Lidar With Special Reference to Cirrus Clouds Over A Tropical Region, Gadanki (13.5° N; 79.2° E) 14-05-2022
24 Dr. A. Jayanthi Dr.K.Venkatramanan Modeling and characterization of weld joints processed through laser and ultrasonic technology 26-12-2022
25 Dr.A.Chandravadhana Dr.K.Venkatramanan Synthesis and Characterization of Silica Coated Metal Oxide based Nano Fluids for Various Applications 20-05-2024
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