Faculty - School of Education

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Pay Scale Photo
1. Mr. R Saravanan Reg.No.TE19001058  Assistant Professor (Stage II)  MA(Tamil), MA(History), M.Ed., MLIS (15600-39100) + Gp 7000
        2. Mrs. J Jayapriya Reg.No.TE19001064  Assistant Professor  M.Sc.(Mathematics), M.Phil. (Mathematics),  M.Ed., M.Phil(Edn), UGC-NET 15600-39100) + Gp 6000
3. Mr. A Vasudevan Reg.No.TE19001396  Assistant Professor  M.Sc, (Zoology), MA(Philosophy), MA(Sociology), M.Ed., M.Phil. (Edn) , Ph.D. (15600-39100) + Gp 6000
4. Mrs. J. Selvi Reg.No.TE19001100 Assistant Professor  M. A (Eng), M.Ed., M.Sc., (Psy) Rs. 20,000 (Consolidate Pay)
5. Prof.Dr.K.Venkatramanan Reg.No. TE22112545 Professor M.Sc. Physics, M. Phil.,  M.Ed.,   Ph.D.   (37,400-67,000) +Gp 10000
6 Dr. T. Pushpanathan Reg.No. TE22102160 Assistant Professor  M. A (Eng), M.Ed., M.Sc., (Psy), Ph. D(English) (15600-39100) + Gp 6000
7 Dr.Sujatha Raghavan Reg.No. TE22116022 Assistant Professor M. A (Sanskrit), B.Ed., Ph. D (Sanskrit) (15600-39100) + Gp 7000
8. Dr. D. Nageswara Rao Reg.No. TE22101978  Assistant Professor (Stage- II)  MA (Hindi), M.Phil. (Hindi) Ph.D. (Hindi), PGDTSH (15600-39100) + Gp 7000
9 Dr. S Ramabadhara Sainathan Reg.No. TE22099534  Junior Medical Officer  BAMS, PGDND, PGDY, M.Sc (Yoga) Rs. 28,000 (Consolidated Pay)
10. Dr. Gunalan Reg.No.TE190028757  Assistant Physical Director  M.PEd, Ph.D (15600-39100) + Gp 7000
11 N.Thiyagarajan Reg.No. TE22112714  Lecturer in Silpa Art  Traditional Professional Rs.9,000 (Consolidate Pay)