Alumni association was established on 06-05-2009 and first Alumni meet was held on the same date. Eighty eight students of both 2007-08 and 2008-09 batches attended the alumni meet. The meeting was commenced at 10.00 AM and was lasted up to 3.30PM. Office bearers for the alumni association were elected in the meeting and the by-laws of the association were finalized. It is decided that the alumni should meet at least once in a year in the Multi-purpose Hall of the School of Education. In the inaugural session Prof.K.V.S.N.Murty, Head School of Education, Sri.V.Swamynathan, Placement coordinator of the university, Dr.K.Ramakrishna Reddy, Librarian, Prof.K.Srinivasu, HOD, ECE spoke on the occasion. We can proudly say that the SOE is the first department in the whole university to start the alumni association. The following are the members elected as officer bearers of the alumni association.
1. Faculty coordinator: Sri. K.Raja Kumar
2. Secretary: Mrs. Praveena (2007-08)
3. Treasurer; Mr.C. Prakash
4. Member: Mr.Ananda Kumar
5. Member: Mr. Yuvaraj (2008-09)
6. Member: Miss. Kalyani

The second alumni meet was held on 02-10-2010. Eighty eight students of all the three batches viz., 2007-08, 2008-09 & 2009-2010 attended the second alumni meet. The meeting was lasted up to 3.30PM. Two more office bearers for the alumni association were elected from the students of the recent batch 2009-2010. The following are the members newly inducted as officer bearers of the alumni association.
1. Faculty co-ordinator: Sri. U.Siva Subramanian
2. Member: Mr.C.Vijaya Kumar
3. Member: Smt.B.Anitha
4. Member: Mr. Krishnan (2009-10)


Campus recruitment for our student teachers is arranged on 06-05-2009 at 2.00PM. Members of Bharathidasanar Higher Secondary & Matriculation School arrived interviewed our student teachers and 14 were selected and were asked to attend the final interview at Arakkonam on 22-05-2009. PLACEMENT SERVICES
It is a great pleasure to state that the members of Bharathidasanar Matriculation Higher secondary school of Arakkonam conducted interviews for the prospective teacher of the School of Education on 20-04-2011 and selected the following students. The range of salary for the graduate teachers with B.Ed., is Rs.9,000 to 11,000 and for Post-Graduate teachers Rs.11,000 to Rs.13,000.

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